The importance of Senior Dating Sites

The Truth Behind the "Holiday Breakup Epidemic"

I assumed the whole “holiday breakup epidemic” rhetoric was… just that. That the allegedly higher probability of couples splitting like wishbones from a turkey… if you’ll pardon the simile... around the holiday season was more of a Hollywood thing, and anecdotal urban myth more than a statistically solid phenomena....more

Online Dating Scams: Six Types of Louses and Lowlifes Women Need to Watch Out For

             No doubt, for better or worse, internet dating is here to stay.  If you’ve been on these sites for a while now, these six types of louses and lowlifes to watch out for won’t come as a shock to you, since you’ve probably encountered many, if not all of them, yourself.  Getting jaded and thinking all men suck isn’t the answer.  Throwing away your rose-colored glasses is all you really need to do to avoid getting your heart ripped out, or your bank account emptied....more

OKCupid Now Offers A Body Type Filter... For A Fee

In a controversial move, dating site OKCupid has updated their approach by allowing users to filter out body types for an additional fee ranging from $4.95 to $10.  This filter would make it so that your results only list people who self-identify according to the parameters you select. Opponents charge that this is a discriminatory practice, while proponents say that it is about time dating sites allow this feature....more
It's good. If the person's someone who'd pay extra for that, he's not someone I'd want in my ...more

Niche Dating Sites Offer Love To Everyone, Whoever You Are (INFOGRAPHIC)

Dating isn't always easy to achieve, especially if you are working all the time and have little free time. In this regard, online dating is gaining popularity among singles who don't have the time to go out and meet new people. Or for any other reasons, for that matter!...more

Six Dangers of Online Dating

Let it be known: I am not a big fan of online dating. Yes, at least one of my best friends found her fabulous fiancé online. And if you live in a small town, or fit a specific demographic (e.g., woman over 45, ultra-busy businessperson, sugar daddy, sneaking around your spouse), online dating may expand opportunities for you. But for the rest of us, we're much better off meeting real live humans eye-to-eye the way nature intended. ...more
Seems like internet dating is for the great looking going for the great looking, money, men's ...more

His Dating Profile Is Still Active

She noticed the change in the relationship. She asked if anything was wrong. She was told things were fine. Then it occurred to her to check his profile on the dating site he had used prior to becoming involved with her. She found his profile was active, checked in within the last 24 hours. Not only that, but he had a VIP premium membership. What would you do if you discovered your boyfriend still had an online dating profile? ...more

While online dating sites have become more and more mainstream over the past several years, ...more

Why Being Cute Won't Find You Love Online (but being ugly will?)

A recent study conducted by the online dating site OK Cupid suggests that "cute women" are far less likely to find love online then their polarizing counterparts - suggesting that women who are considered "cute" receive less messages than women considered hot to some men, and not hot to others. ...more

Single Parent Dating and Online Safety Tips

The reason so many single parents are using online datings sites now will become apparent when you consider the costs in time and money of babysitting, your children's schedule and the cost of going out on the town or parties etc. to meet someone (including clothing) ...more

Working Single Women

Working Single Women By Macy It's hard for working single women to find love in today’s fast pace world. I feel we have to work twice as hard as men, to receive half the respect. This results in little or no time for us to have a personal life. So to make it easier I turned to the internet. ...more