A Daughter's Perspective on Dad's Lung Transplant

It has been 3 years since Randy, my husband, received the last minute gift of a double lung transplant. Randy had been on life support for almost 2 weeks, and time was running out....more

The clock is ticking...

I can hear it.  Sometimes it's faint like her breath as a baby on my neck. I can ignore it by turning on the news of this election that is, frankly, the best distraction I could ask for. I can brush it away with the crumbs on the counter. I can un-hear it.But sometimes it's loud. It's the sound of the front door slamming as she heads out on a date. It's the starting of her car. It's the horn as she waves and drives away.  It's the ...more

Witnessing the Birth of a Friendship

One of the hidden and unexpected joys of mothering my all-American daughter has been witnessing her form friendships. When it happens, I can almost see the magical spark it takes to initially ignite a friendship. Watching my daughter interact with a new friend has been akin to observing a flower blossom on time lapse. ...more

Having a Daughter

I knew I was pregnant the minute it happened. ...more

Coming to Terms With My Mother the Alcoholic

They tell me it’s not my fault. Because that’s what you say to children of alcoholics. But they haven’t lived through my eyes, walked in my heavy footsteps, with my heart beating as loudly as it does in my ears. ...more
Bodynsoil  I still try to distance myself but the guilt is overwhelming. My mother says all she ...more

I discovered a bad mom inside me - she's real // Part 1

Everyone always talks about 'terrible twos' but my daughter has 'PMS 18 months'. It doesn't sound as good but it's true. And it seems like the meltdowns always come when I'm battling an inner meltdown myself. And it's like meltdown + meltdown = monster.And the monster is not the toddler. It's me....more

7 things to teach my daughter before she turns 10

The city has for a while been full of reminders that Irish Mother's Day is coming up next week. So happy early Mother's Day Ireland!  1// Remember who you areThis is what my own mom would say every day when we left for school. Remember who you are is still a phrase that I give a lot of thought to as an adult. Remember that you are loved. Remember that you are valued. Remember your principles. Remember your talents. Remember where you come from. Remember your dreams. It meant a lot to me that my mother thought it important that I keep all those things in mind throughout even the most regular boring days. I think that it is during the uneventful unchallenging times of our life that our true selves are revealed.2// You can do anything you wantThis is a lesson that really took me a long time to learn myself. I think there is a big difference in learning that you can do SOME hard things, and learning that you can do ANY hard things. And the latter is the correct one. I want to teach you that although you may have discovered that you're good at dancing you may have yet to discover that you're also good at swimming. Talents shouldn't define who you are, they should be used as stepping stones to achieve who you want to become. ...more

Do You Have the Dream Gene

Over pancakes this morning, my 5-year-old daughter spent 15 minutes describing last night's dream to me in detail. “There was a fire in the building and I told everyone we had to evacuate, but before we did, I reminded them to grab their phones and laptops! Don't worry, the cats were already rescued. ...more

My 5 Year Old Daughter Has a Boyfriend

I take the term boyfriend seriously and have only handed it out to three people, two of whom I eventually married. Other men coveted the title, but I was stingy with my endowment. My daughter understood the significance of the title boyfriend. After all, until last year, my husband had been my boyfriend for ten years, five of them with her around....more

Dads do make a difference.

It is rightly said that a child needs a mother the most, but it also needs a father.Have you ever imagined your life without your father in it? Ever thought how life would be like if it didn't have that one person who was a reason you came into this world.I have not just only thought about these questions but have also experienced them and to be quite honest, it is definitely not a favorable deal. ...more