Mom Arms as featured on Mamalode

 Via Mamalode “Pick me up!” my toddler demands as we stand in one of the many lines at Disneyland. “Please just stand still, B,” I beg. “We’re almost there,” I lie. “Mama, pick me up!” she demands louder this time.&nbs...more

Renting some motherly advice

When I was in high school, I returned home one day to find my Mother with a baby. My Mom loves children and it was quite possible that she had finally stolen someone's baby since I was almost out of the house and she needed someone new to need her. In reality, it didn't really surprise me to learn she was babysitting for one of her coworkers. At the time, it was a little strange to see my Mom with a baby - the way she nuzzled and smiled and cared for the baby was really sweet and very surreal for me....more


I voted for the first time a few days after my 18th birthday. I could't tell you who I voted for ...more

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Menstruation

I remember the day my period started for the first time. I was 12 and other than hearing the vague and cryptic comments from my friends at school and an older sister who had shared a little bit about their own experiences with me, I was woefully unprepared. I have good parents whom I love dearly, but I think there was a whole generation of young girls who were as unprepared for this life event as I was, because menstruation wasn't something we talked about. ...more
QueenMomJen we talk a lot in the car too. I think it's almost like a non chat as we are focusing ...more

A Letter to the 18-Year-Old Daughter I Haven't Met Yet

I am a proud alumni of the University of Louisville. If you weren't familiar with it before October 2015, I'm sure you are by this point. And unfortunately, what you may associate with the University of Louisville is not something very positive. My Alma Mater has gained national attention because of a huge sex scandal dealing with our basketball team and a mother/daughter trio of sorts....more

My big Kindergartner

Well, my big girl has been in Kinder for a whole 2 weeks. It hasn't gotten easier the way people have said it would....more

Why My Daughter Will Have an American Girl Doll

    If you live anywhere near where an American Girl store is present, you know all about these dolls. They are probably one of the most coveted items for little girls and a true "status symbol" on the playground. A lot of mothers cringe and roll their eyes at the thought of spending over $100 for a doll that their daughter may ultimately destroy; and I don't blame them. Truthfully, it is more than slightly ridiculous to spend this much on a toy; but my daughter will have one....more

Dating My Daughter/Son

I was reading a post from Brittany at everyday thoughts on her Mamas Tell All and saw that the topic for this week is Dating Your Daughter/Son. I decided to put my originally scheduled post on hold and write this instead. Date nights with our children is something my husband and I did with our three daughters and I'm pretty zealous about it so I must share. ...more

A Letter To My Daughter About Loving Her Body

 One of my goals as a mom is to teach my daughter to love her body....more

The Ultimate Splinter

Zowie, but the kid was a screamer.First, she had colic, a condition that also made me cry a lot. Poor Byron would desperately knead my hand, pleading, “What can I do? Just tell me what I can do.” That’s what it looked like as I read his lips, anyhow. For all I could hear, he might actually have been saying, “Do you have a hoe? Joe has a nice rainbow.”Some months later, half-deaf and -dead from the colic, we attempted sleep training....more