What If?

How can this be commonplace? The giving away of my child to other countries, other cultures, another mother even, on the other side of the world.             It seems to get easier each time but really, it just takes me longer to get to what if. What if What if this is the last time I see you? Ever.             Why do you never glance back after you pass through the metal detector? From that far away you can’t see how damp my face is or hear my sobs....more

My Daughter and the Dick Cheney Challenge

Today, I'm regretting raising well informed clever children.As I was driving my daughters and my older daughter's boyfriend to the Avengers last night, I went on a political rant, which is typical for me.My family has been ignoring me for years. My daughter's boyfriend, comes from a prominent Republican family here in town. Quietly he asked, "how many books written by Republicans have you read?" I was impressed with this question for two reasons: he remembered that I read a lot and he had the guts to ask it. I want my children's special friends to be gutsy, but not too gutsy....more
 @@meganbroutian Thanks for stopping by and I love your comment! Do yourself a favor and keep ...more

Taking Away Mom's Keys: How Old Is Too Old to Drive?

For the interrogation, a lady with a clipboard asked politely if I would "step away" from the window so she could interrogate my mother about what happened when she drove her car into the wall of the carpet store. When she mistook the gas for the brake pedal. I sat on a bench -- just within earshot of my mother referring repeatedly to the brake as the "clutch." What she learned to drive on what, a good, 75 years ago? I wanted to pinch her. I could swear, above all the raucous of sorry waiting souls in this enormous DMV room, I could actually hear the mad scribbling of Clipboard Lady. "So you weren't driving a standard then." "What standard? I was driving my car." ...more
I had to take away my mother's keys when I discovered she had had her next door neighbor jump ...more


Our girl performing at The Hunt Club in Tulsa this past week!  We are so very proud of her.  Makes me get teary eyed to hear her sing and makes me think of my momma.  She would have loved this.  (Please the horrible recording as I was holding the little FLIP recording device.)...more

A Crying Dog

I have been up since 3 AM this morning.  I went to bed at a little after 10 and for some reason was jolted awake at 3.  Sometimes that happens and I can't explain it.  I suspect that it was the sound of Clayton crying.  A has been home for a week and this morning will head back to California, her other home.  She went out late last night to see an old friend that had just got to town and I knew she would be in late....more

Wordless Wednesday

Back To Work

The staycation is over and it is back to the ole' grind.  It has been a very productive week for me with the painting and planting going on at the cabin.  I'm rested and it will come in handy as Afton arrived back in town for the week.  She is a wonderful whirlwind to have around and I'm going to enjoy every minute of her visit....more

Back before you could just go and BUY boobies...

There is a conspiracy between the gene...more

Music To Start Your Monday

This is a snippet of A's song rehersal (and I've probably put here before): ...more


Our girl is in the news, again, yes both girls are pretty newsworthy! The new Tulsa People, March edition that should be out by now is featuring our oldest, Briana....more