Back To Work

The staycation is over and it is back to the ole' grind.  It has been a very productive week for me with the painting and planting going on at the cabin.  I'm rested and it will come in handy as Afton arrived back in town for the week.  She is a wonderful whirlwind to have around and I'm going to enjoy every minute of her visit....more

Back before you could just go and BUY boobies...

There is a conspiracy between the gene...more

Music To Start Your Monday

This is a snippet of A's song rehersal (and I've probably put here before): ...more


Our girl is in the news, again, yes both girls are pretty newsworthy! The new Tulsa People, March edition that should be out by now is featuring our oldest, Briana....more

fears of a mother

Some years ago, I was told I had an abnormal pap smear, when I went in I was informed my cancer cells were high. The following week I was having a biopsy done. For some reason it did not phase me. After those results the doctor said they would keep an eye out on it and I had to have another pap in six months. Six months later, there I was again waiting for the results of another biopsy, this time I was some what nervous. Test came back again with in normal range....more

The difference between motherhood and parenthood

Today, I learned what is the difference between motherhood and parenthood. I wasn't even aware that there was a difference, probably because one is so close to the other. Also, I have been a mother as long as I have been a parent. As a mother, my role is to love, nurture, dry tears, encourage and support them. As a parent, my role is to educate, show the difference between right and wrong and to be a teacher to my children....more

Neil’s letter to Alexis

It was very thoughtful of him to write that letter to his daughter and now something she will ...more

17 Years and Counting...

Every year on this date, I always say the same thing. "X-amount of years ago, I was thiiiis big...." and my hands extend my imaginary belly. Then I go on to tell the story that embarrasses my Dot. I think it's every mom's duty to share the story of childbirth with their children. Loudly. In front of their friends....more

NaBloPoMo: Daddy-Daughter Days

With no prompt in sight for today on our monthly blog challenge at NaBloPoMo I thought I would take the time to introduce the world to my daughter. Her name is Nicole and she is like me in so many ways its not even funny. No, I am not taking away anything from the other two kids, they are boys. I will introduce you to them another day......more