Odds -n- Ends

First of all I received my new camera just in time for Mother's Day.  It is a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.  I love it and played with it a bit this weekend.  It is awesome!  This is the cover of my journal. ...more

Am I a better mom now?

Am I a better parent by not working right now? I say "right now" because I quit my job a little over a month ago to take a midlife sabbatical. Now, I seem to have more energy to focus on parenting than when I was working. I'm not saying it's helicopter mom time; quite the opposite. I'm just more relaxed. I find myself with more energy to discipline my daughter, which has been my major parenting shortfall. My 9-year old daughter's not an easy daughter to raise (not that any child is); importantly, I'm not an easygoing, mothering-comes-easy to me type mom....more

Exit Strategy

I have a bad habit of writing misleading titles so I feel compelled to quickly confess. No, this is not a political post about getting out of the wars in the Middle East without leaving an unnerving situation; rather, it’s a family-friendly post about getting out of the house without leaving an unnerving situation....more

DAY SEVEN: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

“Holy One,” a disciple is said to have asked a master within the context of a traditional “school” of learning. “What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?” The Holy One answered: “When you have knowledge, you use a torch to show the way. When you are wise, you become the torch.”...more

DAY SIX: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

The day was spent, and a pink and gold sunset promised the opening up of another World beyond the sea. Even the clouds seemed to beckon to a far Country not unlike their own—only gloriously lit with light from an unseen Source. “Can we travel there—now?” asked the Daughter, pointing playfully....more

Lions Eat Zebras, Unless The Zebras Can Guess Their Names. Or Something Like That. Jerks.

There is no Disney version of Rumpelstiltskin.   Probably it’s because most of the characters are jerks, and the plot is driven mainly by the quandary of who can out-jerk the other jerks. It’s also one of my preschooler’s favorite stories as of late. ...more

I Made Her Because I Love Her

A young lady I once knew gave me this poem.  She was a college student and for various reasons she was going through a particularly rough time....more

For the love of coffee

I had my first cup of coffee when I was probably 13. It was loaded with cream, and had more sugar than should be consumed in a 24 hour period. But it gave me a powerful surge of energy. And it was how I realized that I loved coffee. I experimented with my coffee palate some over my teen years....more

Thank you Denise!more

DAY TWO: Seven Days of Wisdom for Mothers

Susan Cahill writes in the Introduction to her anthology Wise Women: “Perhaps because it has been women’s task throughout history ‘to go on believing in life when there was almost no hope,’ in the words of Margaret Mead, women have sought and cultivated the goods of the spirit out of a practical need for meaning” (1996, p. xv). “The attention of your Soul will wax and wane like the Moon itself,” the Mother assured her Daughter. “Do not disdain one state or the other. To experience both is what is meant by Fullness of Being.”...more

I did it, mama.

She was sitting at the island in the kitchen, the speckled teal formica* even with her collar bone, a sandwich and juice in front of her, a sister on each side. She had called for my attention and so I put the bread knife down and said, “What is it sweetie?” and she looked at me quietly. I smiled, she paused a beat, then smiled....more