We were in Boston for Parent's Weekend, visiting our daughter Katie, who is a senior this year.  Most seniors don't have parents visit for Parent's Weekend - after 3 years in college, it seems kind of silly to be the wide-eyed visitors, which we really weren't.  But Katie wanted us to meet her friends, some of them sorority sisters, some not - and we wanted to see our little girl, of course...only she's not a little girl anymore, in any sense of the word. Being on her turf, with her in charge - it made me both proud and sentimental at the same time....more

What My Little Girl Taught Me About Makeup

If there is a gene for self-decoration, I don't have it.  I admire fashionable people.  I boggle at their creative abilities and the truly bizarre joy they derive from spending time and money in the seventh circle of Hell the mall.  I used to watch "Fashion File" every Sunday morning, could make educated commentary on a given designer's spring or fall collection, and could even pick out knock-offs walking down the street....more
Hahahaha! People say that to me, too, though in the case of some of my family members, their ...more

Her Own Style

My daughter, like most kindergarteners, is really coming into her own. She's always had a strong personality, one that makes my son's spirited personality look a little mousey. She's the kind of kid the phrase "pick your battles" was made for. Perhaps you have a similar kid?The number one way her personality "shines" is through her clothing. She loves to be comfortable and wear anything that makes her feel good. She doesn't care what colours they are these days, though for a while there were two colours: pink and not-pink.She hates her hair being brushed, jeans and turtlenecks. She loves 'soft pants' and headbands and comfortable shoes. Yeah... she's a mom in training, who doesn't like soft pants and comfortable shoes??At her age, my son still wanted me to pick out his clothes and tell him what to wear. Not so with my daughter. She picks her own clothes. (My son, now 10, has only recently entered this stage... now it's hard to get him to wear more than one or two t-shirts that are his favourites.)Some days she walks out of her room like she's in a ball gown and tiara... but really, she looks like this:...more
She is adorable and I love her style!more

My Daughter Reunited Me With My High-School Frenemy!

My 3-year-old has a best friend at school and was SO excited when her friend’s parents invited the whole class over for a BBQ. We arrived and I soon found out that her best friend’s mother was my biggest enemy in high school. You know, the petty gal that never got over the fact that I took her spot on the cheer squad, the gal that hated that guys liked me better than her, the girl that spread nasty rumors just because… I know, let bygones be bygones, grow up, etc. But come on—can’t I encourage my 3-year-old to pick a new friend?...more

Can Your Daughter Pick Up a Hammer?

Inspired by the recent question blogged here "Can Your Teenager Use a Hammer"? I thank the writer. Her original question brought a lot of fun with it. I thought I would add to the discussion and tell you about a child I know.When that child was 18 months old she helped her dad rewire an old lamp. Deed done, with a mind of her own she dressed to go to the fair. She was not sure what a fair was but she was going in her brother's fireman's hat, feather boa, black patent purse, jeans and shiny shoes....more

Talking to My Daughter About Love -- and Race

Because her brother stayed home, A and I had a nice long ride to work together today. She's been having some trouble sleeping lately.  Talking about that led to talking about her dad and I, and that led to talking about relationships and being in love. Thinking of SG and I, I offered her some of my thoughts on what I find to be important in relationships, such as choosing someone that you really like and enjoy beyond that sensational feeling of floating you get whenever you're around them, and choosing someone who really cares about you and who is kind and sweet....more
Just like Forever 17, I raised my children to understand that race/culture should not be a ...more

My Daughter Is Rolling Her Eyes!

My six-year-old has become super sassy in the past few weeks. We've been in school for only three days and I'm already getting eye-rolling and a bunch of "whatevers". It’s making me prematurely grey! How do I stop this so that my sassy six will make it to her teenage years?...more
OMG people, really? The kid is rolling her eyes! Punishment?! Seriously? For expressing her ...more

To Make Her Smile

Tawny was rolling silverware when the two of them walked in.  Mother and daughter.  She'd watched their white Honda Civic circle the diner three times, looking for the door.  She rolled her eyes.            "Smile, Tawny," Sue Ann said.  "You get way better tips when you smile."            The mother tapped the point of her big, rainbow-striped umbrella on the floor as she and her daughter walked beside the row of booths.  They didn't sit ...more

My Summer Camp Nightmare

My blog: http://abookformydaughter.wordpress.com...more

My Daughter The Mother!

There are some things in life that individuals just get naturally.  My oldest Daughter, who is five, is a natural mother.  Maybe the better word would be boss?  At any rate she knows how to keep things in line and she is not afraid to use her "authority" when the situation calls for action. Sometimes I wonder where she got this desire to "direct"? ...more