What Brock Turner's Release Means to Parents

Brock Turner gets released from jail Friday, September 2, 2016, after serving three months in Santa Clara County jail.For those of you not familiar, Mr. Turner, a scholar athlete and Olympic swimming hopeful, was convicted in March of three felony counts: assault with the intent to commit rape of an unconscious person, sexual penetration of an unconscious person and sexual penetration of an intoxicated person. He attacked a woman identified as drunk behind a garbage bin on the Stamford University campus in January 2015....more

Raising Three Daughters: My Trials and Tribulations, My Joys and My Lessons

I always wanted to have a daughter, but I never thought life would bless me with no less than three wonderful daughters. Raising them has been the most magical experience for my husband and me, with many trials, tribulations, joys and celebrations woven all together into our family life. We have learnt a lot from our experiences, and we are still learning, every day. Sometimes, it seems to me, our daughters teach us more about life and what is truly meaningful than we can teach them. Here is what I have learnt being their mommy....more

23 Things I Learned From Girl Scouts

I don’t know if there’s ever been a “thing” that has influenced the woman I am today more than Girl Scouts. In high school, Girl Scouts changed my life. The women and girls I met changed the way I viewed myself and others and I learned that I was stronger than I ever imagined. I believe that Girl Scouts is part of the reason I’m an animal activist, human rights activist, veg head, environmentalist and feminist. I don’t know what I’d be like today without this experience....more

15 Things I Almost Missed Out On (Before Having A Girl)

By the time my daughter, Aubrey, made her unexpected debut into the family, my resume as a proven MOB (Mother of Boys) was padded with 15 years of hard-earned, sweat-stained experience. Forget snakes and snails and puppy dog tails — I was capable of removing ground-in baseball dirt from my two sons’ uniforms in a single load, able to distinguish the fine line between rough-and-tumble play and impending ER visit, and had even mastered ventilation techniques for transporting SUV loads of stinky teenagers to and from games....more

25 Facts of Life Moms of Tween Girls Know Well

You'd think I'd be better at being the mom of a tween. After all, I've already been one with my now-teen daughter, who is -- thanks for asking -- still speaking to me. But with her younger sister,I feel like I'm starting all over again. ...more
I related to Every. Single. One. on the list! And somehow my tween turned into a teen and now ...more

I Tell My Daughter She's Beautiful

On Valentine’s Day, my family visited my 87-year-old grandmother. My five-year-old daughter wanted to dress up. She donned a dress with a sparkly heart top and a tutu skirt. She asked me to do her hair with the curling wand (she saw me using it earlier). Then she took my brush and put on some blush and some red (!) lipgloss. I also let her apply gold shimmer power on her eyelids. When she was all done, she twirled, her arms above her head, like a ballerina, to show daddy how beautiful she looked....more

Do you act on instinct?

One definition of the word ‘instinct’, from the Oxford Dictionaries, is ‘A natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking’ – instinct/intuition.  So this is something natural in us, and in animals, it would seem, and if my instincts are screaming that something is wrong – what should I do?...more

My Daughter Reminds Me Life is Awesome

My daughter’s hair smells like honey, because that’s how little girls are born. Sugar and spice and all things nice is not an exaggeration or a poem, it’s based on scientific fact. But I didn’t always like girls; I had been a mom of a boy for 8 years before the XX made me puke for 9 months. Without a sonogram I knew she was a girl; I kept saying “no boy would treat his mother this way.” ...more

Menarche - Is Your Daughter Ready for Her First Menses?

Whether because of fear, myth, misinformation or culture many young girls the world over are startled to the point of panic when their first period begins.  Yesterday was the anniversary of my first menses.  Each year I remember how anti-climactic the situation was....more

Stop dreaming of ball gowns and start dreaming of power suits

Sometimes I ask my friends what they wanted to be when they grew up. The answers are always beautiful, and I think that if we all followed our dreams, the world would be filled with more fire fighters, ballerinas and a variety of amazing circus acts (but thankfully, no clowns)....more