30 character traits I wish for my daughters

When I started my blog almost a year ago (whaaaa?!), I wrote down an idea for a post I wanted to do, but am just now getting around to it....more

Mom brings home the bacon. (And the milk.)

My son was six weeks old when I returned to work. And I had the same thought every day when I dropped him off at day care:...more

Three Things I Want My Girls to Know

 I have two beautiful daughters that for a short time in my life I never thought I would have.  My husband and I were blessed with two sons first and at the time most of my relatives were having boys so it wasn’t feeling like a girl kind of a world for me.  This was all okay with me because my boys were so much fun and really the light of our lives and everything was moving along smoothly enough so I don’t remember worrying too much about not having daughers....more

The Fatherless Daughter Dance

This made me all teary eyed on the subway and ruined my makeup. But it was worth it, this is a ...more

Letter to My Future Teenage Daughters

My daughters are only seven and nine years old this year, but I think a lot these days about what they will be like when they are teenagers. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was a teenager myself; the tumultuousness of that time is still ripe in my memory. If only I had turned to my own parents as allies rather than pushing against them during those challenging years, perhaps I could have faced the changes in my body, mind and world with more grace. Instead, I survived rather than thrived – a fate I do not wish upon my own children....more

What's it's REALLY Like to Have a Girl

First, my sister had a boy.  Then I had a boy.  Next, my sister had a second boy.  Then I had a... girl.I was used to boys.  I love boys.  They are awesome.  I thought it would be fun to have a daughter; I thought it would be fun to have a second boy.  Either sounded good to me.We waited until delivery to find out if our baby was a boy or girl, but I was pretty sure for most of my pregnancy she was a girl.  Lo and behold, my husband got to announce "It's a girl!" on September 12th, 2012. ...more

I Still Don't Want a Daughter

Last summer I wrote a post called Why I Don’t Want A Daughter, and more than a year later, it’s still drawing ire. I was just being honest. I’d always felt that way, that I would prefer to have sons. Writing that post was my way of trying to figure out why. I just started writing, and that was what came out....more

My Mother, Myself...and Now My Daughter

*relationships can be a terribly complicated affair…* ˜”*°♥•°*”˜  Dearest Daughter, ...more

Girls' Day Out

The first time I was pregnant, I secretly hoped for a girl. It had nothing to do with dressing her up in frilly clothes or styling her hair in perfectly coiffed French braids. At thirty-three, I was thrilled to be having a baby and would have happily left the hospital with either gender but having never had a brother, I was under the delusional impression that I was better equipped to deal with whatever a daughter might throw at me; that there would be fewer surprises....more