What Being "Fat" Is Like For My Daughter

Disclosure:  I was shocked when I visited Facebook last night and read my daughter's status update.  My shy, anxiety-ridden daughter,  who has struggled with her weight her entire life, came out of the closet, so to speak.  She started off by stating that she was afraid, but that the time had come for her to put it out there.  Yes, she admitted publically for the very first time that she is has fat.  She then linked to a beautifully written blog post and laid it all on the table.  A summary by me...more

From A Broken Mom

This blog may be like rambling to some of you but this blogging is my therapy and outlet. ...more

Letter to my Daughters

I can't wait to be able to tell my daughters to live life to the fullest, stay grounded in Faith, and never give up! They have such great personalities, as all kids do naturally, that they should not let anything hinder or diminish it. You get to know yourself when you hit 30, so dint feel pressured to run off and get married and have kids. Finish your education and do the things you love to do daily, even if it's just sitting in solitude watching the sun rise, enjoy your life. Don't make commitments so young that will require you to remain the same person, because that's not possible....more

Her Mistakes

She handed them to me. A pile. A small cluttered stack. Papers. Colored, crossed out, written on. Busywork from most of the service's duration....more

The Mom Collection

Raising A Confident Daughter

There's a girl I used to know. She was insecure, she saw every flaw in herself, and she was constantly mindful of how people perceived her. She was lost, blindly following the things she was taught yet searching for a true purpose and answers; she didn't even know her own beauty or worth. But this girl grew, she found herself, and she was blessed with a beautiful daughter. From the moment that little girl was placed in her arms, she realized her soul's purpose. ...more

Why I Said "Yes" To The #WomensLives Initiative

Your daughters sound really great.  I'm glad I read this because unfortunately I was too late to ...more

For My Daughters...

For My Daughters,So much time has gone by since the day you were bornFrom that moment on I knew that I now knew loveYour contagious laughter and hugs so warmYou are a gift from heaven above.I know I have not been a perfect motherMistakes were made, hearts were shatteredBut I swear to you this, I love you like no otherYou being happy was all that mattered.I pray that someday you will understandThat parents are only human just like youSo forgive my mistakes and take my hand...more