For My Daughters...

For My Daughters,So much time has gone by since the day you were bornFrom that moment on I knew that I now knew loveYour contagious laughter and hugs so warmYou are a gift from heaven above.I know I have not been a perfect motherMistakes were made, hearts were shatteredBut I swear to you this, I love you like no otherYou being happy was all that mattered.I pray that someday you will understandThat parents are only human just like youSo forgive my mistakes and take my hand...more

My Daughter Is Her Own Girl

While my eyes catch the bubbly, outgoing gals enjoying their friends in the school pick up line, my 7th grade daughter is standing off to the side, alone. She is a total introvert. In many ways, her anti-social behavior breaks my heart because she has a lot to offer, but it doesn't seem to bother her. She shows up to school wearing capri pants with Van Gogh themed knee high socks, Dr. Who t-shirt, turquoise Converse, and Harry Potter buttons on her backpack strap. She has her own style. ...more
Great article, thank you!  How you 'hold space' for your daughter is just beautiful.  My ...more

32 Year Old Housewife

It's funny the things we keep.Last year, when my mother died and her house sold, we had to clean it out. During our excavation (Mom was a bit of a hoarder) my son-in-law found her medical records. For no known reason, I wanted them. I couldn't bear to part with them.Several weeks passed before I screwed up the nerve to look through them. On paper, thin and delicate as old lace, her breast cancer odyssey unfolded. There it all was. From the lumps, first diagnosed as Fibrosis, to the radical mastectomy. ...more

The Twins Who Just Wanted to be Sisters

Fourteen years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful set of identical twin girls.  ...more

Diversify Your Career and Involve Your Daughter

What’s wrong with a career adventure in mid-life?What’s wrong with mentoring your daughter for a adventurous career?Career adventures begin with knowledge....more

The Man Who Almost Was

 I'm scattered....more

I Don't Want to Know You - A Daughter's Dilemna

 The head-on collision didn’t kill me.My cell phone wasn't so lucky.“…Sandy…Carol’s…she’s in…” I deleted the message. I’d had no messages until about 20 of them popped up all at once on my cracked cell. Hiding, no doubt, till safer terrain prevailed.Sandy. Not familiar. Carol…hmmm…oh right. Carol....more
Shellireads For some reason, I didn't get your comment in my email like I usually do. Anyway, ...more

The Mother Load

I'm motherless.The woman I thought would never die, did.When I was ten, there was a girl in my class who had no mother. I don't remember anything about her other than that. At the time, I couldn't imagine anything worse.I realize that a ten year old losing her mother is a tragedy. A 51 year old losing her mother is the ordinary course. Illogically, I feel orphaned. There should be something between tragedy and ordinary, and whatever it is, it's painful....more
Claudias122  Thanks, Claudia! I've written a couple posts about her so I'll put them up. The ...more

Are They For Us Or Against Us

As a mother of daughters, I felt that there were many more things to teach them besides the usual be nice; use your manners; be fair, honest, loyal; blahblahblah—the common things everyone teaches their children. When raising daughters, there are added lessons to be taught....more