The Mother Load

I'm motherless.The woman I thought would never die, did.When I was ten, there was a girl in my class who had no mother. I don't remember anything about her other than that. At the time, I couldn't imagine anything worse.I realize that a ten year old losing her mother is a tragedy. A 51 year old losing her mother is the ordinary course. Illogically, I feel orphaned. There should be something between tragedy and ordinary, and whatever it is, it's painful....more
Claudias122  Thanks, Claudia! I've written a couple posts about her so I'll put them up. The ...more

Are They For Us Or Against Us

As a mother of daughters, I felt that there were many more things to teach them besides the usual be nice; use your manners; be fair, honest, loyal; blahblahblah—the common things everyone teaches their children. When raising daughters, there are added lessons to be taught....more

Body image: true lies we tell our daughters

Today’s rant is sponsored by the word “fat”. Well, really the completely nonsensical way we gasp in horror if the word is mentioned but quietly judge moms of overweight kids (“How did she let that happen?”). We’re told that obesity is a national security risk and a childhood epidemic. On the other hand, heaven forbid we even think the word “fat” in our daughters’ presence….we might give them a negative body image. So does that mean it’s better for them to <em>be</em> fat than to worry about being fat? Nope....more

Motherless Daughter

This year I joined a sisterhood  that  no girl wants to be a part of.I am now a Motherless Daughter.  Mom got sick the day after my parents arrived in Florida and she has spent the last 5 months in a nursing home before passing away the day before my birthday. I knew she would never get better but I had hoped she had more time....more

A Lesson We Will Not Forget

The clock said 9:30am."I suppose I should actually get out of bed," I thought.This summer brought a magical gift.  A gift I had only dreamed of.  A gift I thought would never be bestowed on me....the gift of children that sleep in.  Yep! It was 9:30am and both my girls were still asleep.  Feeling a bit guilty for staying in bed that long and wasting so much of the morning (seriously I get to sleep in but now I have to feel guilty for sleeping in. this whole motherhood thing is exhausting)  I rolled out of bed....more

Two and a Half Going on Sixteen

 You know that song “Sunrise, Sunset” from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”? Well, growing up, whenever my dad heard that song, he would start tearing up and getting all sorts of weepy. My sisters and I thought it was kind of funny, seeing a grown man cry whenever he heard a particular song....more

Watching My Little Ballerina Dance

To My Only Daughter

Mother's Day Can Be Painful for Many of Us

Mother’s Day isn’t supposed to hurt. It’s about celebrating your Mom and thanking her for being there for you. But what if she was never there for you? Or what if she has passed away? And what if once a year, you are reminded of this painful truth?...more