'The Circle' Shows the Future of Social Media as a Privacy Nightmare

When my best friend emailed and said "You must read 'The Circle' IMMEDIATELY," I didn't question. I looked up the title on the library web site, ordered an audio copy and went back to my pile of grading. A couple days later, she inquired as to my progress on the book--the super creepy and terrifying book, she now admitted--and I assured her it was on the way and I would read as soon as possible. Dave Eggers, author of The Circle. Image: © Beowulf Sheehan/ZUMA Press ...more
Jean @ MamaSchmama  You're welcome! Let me know how you like it.more

The Lost Girls of Sudan

In my literature class at school, we read What is the What by Dave Eggers. The book is a collaboration between Valentino Achak Deng and Eggers, and capitalizes on the strengths of both men to compellingly portray the saga of one the "Lost Boys of Sudan." (Incidentally, the American Association of University Women chose it for their Adelante! Books of the Month Program.) All proceeds from the book benefit Valentino Achack Deng Foundation, which among many things, built and operates a school in Deng's hometown. The school, importantly, encourages girls to enroll. According to the website, "Currently, less than one percent of girls complete secondary school in Southern Sudan. The Foundation is raising funds to construct a boarding facility, to provide female students with a safe learning environment and an alternative to early marriage." ...more

Yesterday I was looking at horrific photos of acid attacks on Pakistani women and started ...more

Righteous Rumpus: Where the Wild Things Are is for Grown Ups

I was worried I wouldn't love Where the Wild Things Are, even though I trust the artistic skills of the director, Spike Jonze and the screenwriter, Dave Eggers. ...more

This book has so much history and tradition for me.  I was a bit depressed, disappointed ...more

Once Upon a School: Help Dave Eggers' TED Wish Come True

"Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth."--Helen Caldicott ...more