Murdering Aspys for Mammon's Sake

The United Kingdom has many fine qualities, and I still want to move to Wales (Dragon on the flag? Yes, please.) but they are no better than America, or almost anywhere else come to think of it, about forgetting VERY quickly what a very, very bad idea it is to vote hard right. Or even middle right when the hard right is growling too loudly. For the love of Christ, the “left” over there has been soft right for as long as American’s “left” has been. Why go further?...more

"News of the World" Tabloid to Shut Down After Phone-Hacking Scandal

A big shoe dropped today in the ongoing scandal concerning allegations that the British newspaper News of the World hacked the cell phones of more than perhaps 4000 British celebrities, murder victims and ordinary citizens: the 168-year-old Sunday paper will print its last issue and close its doors this coming Sunday....more

Hey Nelle,
You're certainly right that there is a lot at stake. It's amazing to see how far ...more

Living in the UK: An American Catches Royal Wedding Fever

I blame Shakespeare and PBS. I'm unashamedly, unapologetically and unabashedly Royalist. Honestly, I think most Americans are. For all our independence, rebellion and egalitarian principles, in our hearts, we all love pomp, circumstance, ceremony, history, heritage and glamour. We’re suckers for romance and fairy tale endings. And, who doesn’t love a wedding?...more