Under Pressure, Vanilla Ice, David Foster Wallace, and Finding Freedom

Thanks to the Hooligan, I listened to Under Pressure about thirty-six times in a row yesterday. Like all good hooligans, he is a huge fan of Queen. When we have to be in the car for a long time, he plays deejay for us. Well, actually it's more like he plays the repeat caller on an all-request radio show and I play deejay....more
 @Vesuvius At Home It is never an easy lesson. I think that might be why I find reminders of it ...more

Steel Cage Grudge Match, Revisited

Oh, David Foster Wallace, how you remind me of college.Not because of your high-blown prose and dense, deeply meaningful meanderings.Not because sometimes you literally make me sweat while I read. But because you are that boyfriend I can't let go. You are bad for me. You warp me. I hang in there with you through your every breath and then realize it was going nowhere; that you didn't love me after all and that you are just going to leave me hanging....more