After Allegedly Interfering in a Domestic Violence Dispute, Should Gov. David Paterson Resign?

New York Governor David Paterson yesterday defied mounting calls for his resignation amid fresh revelations from the New York Times about the efforts he reportedly made to get a woman to drop domestic violence charges against one of his close aides....more

Taking the girl out of Upstate: The Selection of Kirsten Gillibrand

In the midst of all the speculation surrounding the selection of Kirsten Gillibrand (D-20 NY) as the replacement for former Senator Clinton, I asked a friend from the Bronx if she knew who Kirsten Gillibrand was. "No", she replied, "You could tell me that she's the Postmaster General and I would believe you". And there lies the rub of New York politics. ...more

I was just telling someone how I grew up in CT which is SO small compared to where I am now - ...more

An Inconvenient Debate: Caroline Kennedy and the American Dream

Who says we have no royalty in America? I've waited to weigh in on Caroline Kennedy's come-lately bid for political office because I'm fascinated by the competing arguments. I almost don't want them to end in the decision about who'll fill Hillary Clinton's seat as the junior senator from New York, once she's confirmed as secretary of state. But decide Governor David Paterson must. ...more

Paterson, Obama, And The Shield of Truth

This is definitely the way to go. Instead of waiting nervously for his skeletons to fall out of the closet one by one, the newly appointed New York Governor David Paterson, who replaced his disgraced colleague Eliot Spitzer, took the bull by the horns and confessed all just hours after taking office. ...more

A Black, Legally-blind, pro-gay Governor In NY. This Makes Me Happy!

New York State now boasts the first legally blind governor in U.S. History. By the way, he is black and a strong supporter of gay rights, so, "Thanks, Kristen" you've done us all a service! I find myself thrilled by this, like a child with proof that there is a Santa Claus. A black, legally disabled supporter of gay rights is running one of the most powerful and important states in the country, if not the world. This seems like progress, even if we were dragged forth on our hands and knees. ...more

It's a symptom, not the problem itself. At least, I believe it's that way for the majority of ...more