What Are the Long-Term Effects of Childcare on Kids?

It is difficult to write anything objective about childcare when you are a parent who makes use of childcare. I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a day when I don’t question if I’m doing the right thing by allowing my son to be raised 35 hours a week by someone else. I am the norm: mine is one of the eighty-nine percent of children younger than five with employed mothers who is in a regular child care arrangement. When I heard there was a major new study about the long-term effects of care on kids, I needed to read it. And the minute I read the study, I knew what the headline in the media would be “Day care increases risk taking in children, study finds.”  ...more
I would just like to say, if you are using 30-35 hours a week only, you are not the norm. My ...more

The best investment you can make

Recently I started getting regular e-mail updates from my boys' day care. They tell me what's going on at school almost immediately, and many times, they're funny, too. Like the one I got in my inbox today. The entire e-mail was a spoof of an economic report, including how one class has seen dramatic gains in potty training ("... long considered a key indicator of reduced diaper demand"). One line at the end of the page really brought a smile to my face: ...more

Considering Taking on a Sister Wife

I must say until now I have never considered polygamy seriously. Mostly, I have been offended and disturbed and I have imagined making trips in the middle of the night through secured compounds to rescue young girls who I would let live with me until they could live on their own as free and independent women. But now, after living through the drama of finding the right day care, I might change my mind. ...more

"Because Women's Work is Always Undervalued:" Why Child Care Workers are Some of The Lowest Paid Professionals in America

I don't have children, and I do not plan to have any. Yet, in my mind, child care and early childhood education is the most important issue any nation faces. In the United States, we pay a lot of lip service to the importance of child care and early education, recognizing the field as critical to parents' ability to go to work, as a way to prepare young children for school, and as a safe place for older kids to go after school while their parents are at work. ...more

Not only that, but it is not a skill or talent that counts as work, and therefore should not be ...more