Why you need a day off from your kids

My 2.5-year-old son wakes up at 6 am, sometimes 5 am.I run a home daycare and work as a freelance writer from home. So I am with him all. day. long.I love the bones of that boy, but sometimes Mama needs a break.Especially now that he has become a completely irrational toddler. Yesterday he and his little friend argued furiously for 10 mins about who was going to call the rescue squad on the phone. Argued, about who was going to call the fictional rescue squad, on the toy phone....more

Saying goodbye to my first daycare client

The end of the school year brings excitement and relief for many students and teachers.The freedom of summer beckons and September seems so very far away.Although every year I looked forward to the break, it still made me a little sad to say goodbye to a class full of children I had grown to love....more

Getting sick at daycare

My son started daycare at 6 weeks old. I remember the heartbreak of leaving him (he was so little!) and the relief of picking him up on that first day (he had gotten bigger!). I did love that facility - the nurturing attitude, the brightly lit rooms, the web cameras for me to check in on him throughout the day. ...more
Very True, Day care means more exposure to germs as all kids come in touch with each other ...more

Should Childcare Providers Be the Experts in Everything?

With more and more states requiring childcare providers to fill roles they were never trained to fill, providers are struggling to provide a well-rounded set of child development services. As providers most of us never went to college for a degree in education or a teaching license. We also did not go to school to be qualified to perform developmental and behavioral mental health assessments. ...more
SherriA we don't charge more for our services to justify anything. We charge barely enough to ...more

At Fetch Club, Our Dogs Are As Loved and As Social As We Are

Photos of dogs above are courtesy of Fetch ClubIn our 20s and 30s, we’re busy building our careers and enjoying active social lives. We might also want to own and love an adorable, cuddly dog....more

A different kind of New Year's resolutions

As the year draws to a close, childcare providers do the same things everyone else does. They clean up all the holiday mess, pack away the ornaments and baubles and take stock in how the year has gone. This is the time we look back and realize sometimes we make miscalculations when making decisions about what clients to take, what hours to be open and what holidays to close. We look at how much we made, which leads to the realization we need to either raise our rates or take another kiddo or two, neither of which sounds like a winning proposition....more

The Daycare Dilemma

To daycare or not to daycare, that is the real question, Prince Hamlet....more

7 Reasons to Love Daycare

The other day I pulled up in front of my son Quinn’s daycare and he yelled, “I’m home!”Well, hold on there, Champ, I thought. Do you see any mac and cheese smears on those windows or Thomas the Tank Engine playing in a loop while 56 hours of quality Bravo television dies a slow, lonely death on the DVR ? No? Then clearly you are mistaken!...more

The Control Freak Beat Down

It started out so wonderful. I took one twin to the doctor and my husband dropped the other off at school.  I dropped my kid off and got home by 9:30 am to work from home....more

The Problem With Delegating Parenthood

As a childcare provider I get a lot of requests from parents. Some of them are completely reasonable and understandable, like a request to use bug spray on a child who is allergic to mosquito bites. Some are on the verge of inconvenient, like a parent who wants me to change their child into a fresh outfit right before pick-up three to four times a month because she is going out with friends. Then there are the ones that are completely over-the-top inappropriate and come under the heading of: "The delegation of all parental duties." ...more
Excellent points!! I have used childcare for many years. I've valued our long term in home care ...more