Daydreaming of Him

 Daydreaming of my late husband and musings on my marital rings....more
Hello there, Mrs TDJ! So happy to find you tonight, my fellow Marylander. I found you on the ...more

Rumpus Room - A Joyful Mind at Play

Imagination has always been strong in me, and daydreaming got me in a lot of trouble as a young person, so I thought it was something I should avoid. If I caught myself doing it, an inner voice would tell me I ought to be thinking of something specific. Think how stressed my mind has been all these years, trying so hard not to daydream, when that is one of the best exercises for a healthy brain, and it was the thing I knew instinctively I needed. Hearing Tara talk about this need the brain has to just meander, and lollygag and play like dolphins before a ship......more

If I Won A Lottery...

    If I Won A Lottery... by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee Skip and I were talking today about winning a huge amount of money on a lottery ticket.... :))) Anything is possible, people do it all the time. Truthfully, the most I ever won was forty dollars. Skip told me that I would have lots of friends if I were to win alot of money. I told him that the friends I have now, at this time, are my only friends. It made me dream for a few minutes......more

Selective Hearing Sufferer

“Mommy, I have to go potty! Mommy! I have to go potty! Mommy!” Sometimes my daughter has to repeat a request 10 times before I even notice she’s speaking to me. I am a mother and I suffer from Selective Hearing. ...more


My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to play Angry Birds....more
This made me laugh! I was addicted to WWF for a while too, but I can't multi-task very well and ...more

Where are you going, Cowboy?

Where are you going, Cowboy?I see you across the prairieTall and rugged on your horse.Your wide-brimmed hatIs shading your face.Where are you going, Cowboy?Don’t you know?I’ve been waiting on this prairieFor you to visit my place. Prairie Woman of CO...more

[365day Attitude] Refilling & maintaining your Muchness Pt 2

Ok now it's time to get out of the bath, cause soaking yourself in aromatheraputic oils all night long w/ candles and New Age music does not actually = muchness. That's just the cleansing part. Now I'm gonna tell you about "refilling the muchness". ...more

Daydreaming Makes You Unhappy ... Even If You're Thinking About Ryan Reynolds

So here I am, reading this New York Times article, "When the Mind Wanders, Happiness Also Strays." The point is basically that some smart scientists have found that a) daydreaming doesn't make you happy and b) not even if you're daydreaming about something awesome while you're sitting in the dentist's chair, no, still not happy and c) yeah, your mind is actually wandering 47 percent of time. Hello? PAY ATTENTION. ...more

He's adorable! I've liked him since the ABC comedy he was on in the '90s. more

Once upon a wedding...

Have you ever dreamed and dreamed about something so much that you almost feel like it actually happened? I mean really imagined each and every detail down to where sighs would be placed in conversations about it? I am a single, very independent woman who, one day, will put a ring on it and shop for china patterns. Now is not the time to skip down the aisle. Now is always the time, however, to plan it....more