did you hear the one about...

Listening to the table conversation of kids is alternately funny and horrifying.Marie, Arthur, and Ron are all taking an interminable time to eat their lunches today (we're creeping up on 45 minutes today with no end in sight). And why? Because Arthur lately has been claiming that he has nightmares every night, and he wants to share them. In excruciating detail and at great length....more

Organic Milk, Arm Zits and Other Topics Related to Sleep Deprivation

I am beyond tired.  Evidently, I really do have a Minimum Number of Sleep-Hours Required.I didn't make the quota this week.  By maybe 12 hours.  So, if this post reads as though it were written by a drunken idiot?  Just know I haven't been drinking.  Profound fatigue + half a bag of Oreos does make a girl slur a little.  Ya' know?Anyway, I discovered a few interesting things this week:...more

Kids and Learning

Parents get fierce about the way they parent, the decisions they make for their kids, and their (misguided) belief that their way is the ONE RIGHT WAY.  A (misguided) belief, it seems, that many will defend with their last breath.I don't have a lot of patience for that.  I prefer to avoid the vitriol.Why?  Because there is no one right way.  For anything.  Spend some time with kids and they will teach you all of the thousands of different ways there are to learn, grow, love, believe and share.  That is, they will if you let them....more

So Many Things!

I must have sat down to write a blog post seven times in the last three days.  I've had entire posts composed in my head (a totally un-safe place to store much of anything these days).  But stuff happens, you know?I have four different books on the go (one of which is still Don Quixote).  My dayhome schedule is packed.  My ESL student is back and working hard.  My kids continue to refine their roles as crafty, Evil Geniuses.  And I need to spend a couple of hours a week training for the 10k and the Diva Try.  And sleep. ...more

Live, Learn and Compromise

You may have noticed that there is a metre or so of snow on the ground, right now.  Looking out our front window, you would never guess that we HAVE a front walk - nevermind that it was shoveled less than 24 hours ago.  I'm drinking my coffee in my jammies, looking at all that snow, and trying to use telepathy to get that boy three houses down to come and ask to shovel our walks.He wants a new snowboard.  I want him to have a new snowboard.  Especially if it means I don't have to get dressed, today....more

This snow has really forced us to slow down at exactly the right time. I can't remember our ...more

When Your Mommy Runs a Dayhome

When your mommy runs a dayhome, you need to get dressed in the morning. Even if you're not planning on playing outside.When your mommy runs a dayhome, you have to have healthy food for snack. Even though Fruit Loops taste MUCH better.When your mommy runs a dayhome, your lunch has stuff with pieces in it, or even vegetables.When your mommy runs a dayhome, you have to play outside when it's time to play outside. Even if you're perfectly capable of looking after yourself while all the babies crash around in the snow....more

Life List Item Number 26: Check? Well, Sort of....

At the encouragement of a friend, I enrolled in a bellydancing class this fall.  It ran from Halloween to this evening, on Sunday nights.  The dialogue went something like this:Friend: "Let's do a bellydancing class!"...more

More Unsolicited Product Reviews - Laundry Detergent

Sigh. We're stuck inside today (again) because there isn't time to play outside after lunch, and it was too windy this morning for my kids with dry cheeks. And it's too dark to play outside after quiet time. Booooooo!...more


I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  I'm not having a bad day, or anything (though I must offer HUGE thanks to my Facebook peeps for pumping me up after Monday's gymnastics fiasco.  Group Gym during nap time the day after the Blueberry Fiasco?  Bad, bad, bad iidea.)...more

Fatigue and the Green Quest

Running on four hours of sleep today with an abbreviated crew, I have serious motivation issues.The plan for quiet time today?  Making molasses-ginger cookies, and doing the Week 15 Group Activity prep so I can do the three month supply run before Christmas Shopping Hell begins.(Yes, I know.  I'm totally in denial about how Christmas shopping has begun already.  I won't accept it.  I will not.)At least, that was the plan......more