St. Catherine's Hill Adventure

On Thursday we decided to take Jacob out for a walk. He was going a little bit stir crazy from being indoors. The weather was not exactly lovely, so we got suitably dressed and headed out.Steve decided that he wanted to go to St. Catherine's Hill. We had never been there before, but you can see it plainly from the M3 when driving towards Winchester from the south. It looks huge from the road ...more

My Super Special Secret Saturday Surprise

My husband occasionally likes to be slightly romantic, and he plans what he calls 'Super Special Secret Saturday Surprises'. He plans an entire day out and doesn't tell me what we will be doing or where we will be going.The first time he did this, he took me to Warwick Castle. Despite his best efforts to keep it a secret, the Tom Tom gave away our destination about half way there. I was still so excited though, as Warwick had been on the top of my 'to see' castles list for awhile....more