Le Diplomate DC-- Yes, believe the hype

Le Diplomate1601 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 332-3333lediplomatedc.com...more

Washington D.C. in a day: a how-not-to

If road trips are fun, spur-of-the-moment road trips with friends are even more fun. That’s why I’m glad my buddy Michelle agreed to come along with me this weekend on a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C.I had not visited the Nation’s Capital since my fifth grade patrol trip and Michelle hadn’t been at all.It’s about a seven-hour drive from my home in Charleston, W.Va. We left Sunday afternoon and stayed the night with my aunt in Canaan Valley, W.Va., which is on the route and about four hours away from the city.Here are a few takeaways:...more

Desire - Mama I Made It


Desire - Mama I Made It


Dine - Oh Yeah for Oya!

New to DC, I couldn’t wait to start exploring the dining circuit. So, when a friend came to visit this weekend, I couldn’t help but turn to my good friends at Yelp for some restaurant recs. After much consideration (and investigation), I finally decided on Oya. Equal parts sexy and trendy, this Asian inspired eatery is definitely one of DC’s places to be....more

DC’s Inauguration Guide

After a very long Election Season this past fall, President Obama’s second inauguration is right around the corner! This coming Monday almost one million people will visit Washington D.C. to take part in the festivities. I have broken down what you need to know to get through the weekend!...more
No I do not and in truth I don't think there needs to be an inauguration for a second term presidentmore

The Heart and Soul of DC

Check out www.aworknprogress.com for more! Y’all! It’s a sad, sad day – the legendary, Godfather of go-go, the one and only, Chuck Brown has passed away.“What is go-go,” my co-worker questioned.My other co-worker, a DC native said, “you can’t explain it. You just gotta hear it.”And then he sent him some links to Chuck songs, so he could be in the know....more

Hot time, summer in the city

After weeks of waffling between cold rains and random warm days, it seems like summer is pretty much officially here in DC. We've had a stretch of days with temperatures into the 80s, humidity first thing in the morning, and hot breezes into the late evening. Here we go!...more

Entering a 20 minute video in a film festival takes 20 hours

I submitted an entry for the DC Shorts Film Festival. The maximum length the video is allowed to be is twenty minutes. It took me by complete surprise how much time was required to fill out the entry form. First they asked for a 125 word pitch. Which I expected they would. Then they wanted a 250 word synopsis. Out of the 90 minutes of movie that currently exists (which was cut down from 112 minutes of webisode footage), I have to cut out at least seventy minutes. The final product isn’t due until May, thus, I haven’t decided yet exactly which footage stays and what goes....more

A Hostess with U Street Chic

After a fabulous weekend full of vintage shopping (so many amazing finds I will blog about later this week), mani/pedis, and biding adieu to football season, I feel refreshed and ready to start the week. But before I begin my week I had to write about my hostess that escorted my girls and I to our table at Marvin's for brunch yesterday morning. Quick plug - their cheesy grits are to die for and the mimosas are fantastic!...more