BlogHers, Join Her on the Bridge!

It’s been 100 years since March 8th was designated International Women’s Day, and women worldwide have yet to achieve the equality they envisioned so long ago. In times of war, they are still the primary targets of systematic rape, torture, displacement and pillaging....more

Women Who Plan to Have Lots of Sex May Be Breaking the Law

On January 7, Alex DiBranco reported at's Women's rights blog that carrying too many condoms and hanging out with another person can get a woman arrested for prostitution in DC. On January, 11, she noted that this insanity is official policy in New York and San Francisco, too. She followed up the next day with the DC Metropolitan Police Department response. ...more

I just read the premisse of your post to my boyfriend who raised his eyebrows and then asked ...more

Dear Mr. Harry Reid...

Dear Mr. Reid,The comments you made were despicable and dishonorable.  To refer to Mr. Obama as having a better chance of winning the election, because he could basically stop sounding "Negro" at will is simply unbelievable. ...more

Blogging Mothers

This morning on the WUSA9 News Now show, Liz McConville, the Resource Editor for Washington FAMILY Magazine along with Janine Nickel, a blogger on the Washington FAMILY Magazine web site visited with Peggy Fox about mom bloggers.  The number of moms who are online and blogging has really exploded in recent months. ...more

Great post on the exploding number of blogging Mom's.  We have so much to ...more

Happies (trip part 1)

So I meant to do this update a couple of weeks ago but between being sick and letting it all sink in i haven't had the chance. ...more

The Women of the 2009-2010 Senate: 17 Voices For Change!

There are 17 women in the US Senate. Our highest total yet! Now that's what we call women's voices for change! Today, we'll be covering: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) Kay Hagan (D-NC) Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) Amy Klobuchar (48, DFL-MN) Claire McCaskill (D-MO) Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) Maria Cantwell (D-WA) ...more

Still Smiling About The Inauguration? Us, Too!

It's been quite a week.  For the nation.  For history.  For WVFC.  Some of our writers and board members were in D.C. for the Inauguration.  Others were moved to  share their thoughts, from wherever they were watching.  Dr. Cecelia Ford writes about the Inaugural Concert. ...more

W A S H W O R D S - dc area blogger

Like the bursting out of the spring time, the blogosphere is blooming before me. A longtime flirt (tease maybe), I considered, even started this blog half a dozen times or so before finally making it "real," thanks in large part to my pal, Soupy Meg. ...more


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