New Year & New You

Some great things to do this month may be to: *Get rid of Clutter*Detox your home*Grow plants*Give more*Love more    ...more

De-Clutter to Save Your Sanity

This post is part of a series going on this month over on Informed Sharing. Born out of a desire to be able to visit with my daughter in her space, once more - I decided to leap into action. AND save my sanity....and hers....more

Kind of Like Groundhog's Day

I've been telling my husband lately that my life is a lot like Groundhog's Day. Monotonous. Yes. But I'm actually the one choosing to shape it that way, since it keeps everything flowing smoothly and sanely here. My personal Groundhog's Day is complete with: * Anticipating hunger by pre-preparing snacks. * Thinking of meals in as far advance as I can stand, so I don't end up in a hot kitchen, myself hungry, tired and surrounded by three gaping mouths. ...more

Wow! You are brave. I am so going to have to clean the house. But I will look for that sweet ...more

Day 9-Orange Lip Gloss- a Tribute to Summer

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declutter daily - some not-so-fabulous jeans

What are the 101 reasons to keep around unflattering jeans?  You tell me.  I don’t know ‘em....more

To Do List

I need a more effective To Do List. At one time I had a post it notes widget on my desk top, but now that that computer has kicked the bucket, I'm using my hubby's lappy until further notice. He's ridiculously protective and of his l'il computer and I usually refer to it as his "Mistress". However, lately he's seen my need, and, well, I win! So I've reinstalled the widget, Sticky Pad, which is going to help organize my teaming brain into short, concise statements in point form! I'm way to excited about this. ...more

If A Messy Desk Is A Sign Of A Messy Mind, Then An Empty Desk Is....

If there is one thing I've learned during my professional career it's this: people who have organized offices suffer from massive delusions of superiority when it comes to those of us whose offices are disaster zones. ...more

At least that's what I'd suspect as the hardcover came out in 2006.

I borrowed my copy from ...more