Art Has a Shelf Life

My daughter has been getting her writing on. And not just any writing – but writing in cursive (or as we say locally), “in join-up”. Being in grade two, she’s not being taught yet, but since her brother doesn’t write any other way now, she figured she’d follow suit. But I digress....more

Parenting Lessons Learned from Hoarders (or, How Not to Raise a Little Hoarder)

Danica would get the 1-2-3 count for escalating incidents of bad behavior. At "3", a toy would be confiscated and either donated or thrown in the garbage. I can't adequately describe for you the state of pain and fury this brought upon my girl. And then, one night this summer, I looked up from my bowl of greasy popcorn at the horrors unfolding on Hoarders. I saw an adult standing in the one remaining square foot of carpet in a room packed full of filth and TOYS, and very nearly vomited. He said, "My parents always took my toys away. Now I can have as many as I want."...more
You are so welcome! My daughter loves to collect stuff, so helping her stay organized and make ...more

On Getting Rid Of My Shoes To Make Room For Bigger Dreams

Yesterday afternoon I had five shoe racks in my closet, which still wasn’t enough storage space to prevent having to line my boots up along the wall. By the end of the night, I had whittled my collection down to one hanging rack. I’ll be honest and admit that I walked around my bathroom in a few pairs before I packed them away. I turned several over in my hands repeatedly, remembering where I’d bought them and worn them and how special they’d made me feel. ...more

'I want all of those things even more than I want shoes.'

Our current lives are made up of ...more

Clutter and Parenting

Simple Sunday is where I’ve been exploring my thoughts on clutter....more

So Many Books...So Many Colors

A task for the kid-less weekend… Yep. What do I do when the girls are at their grandparents and my wonderful spouse is at work? Organize our book shelf by color! Yes, I’m weird. (And just in case you think I’m nuts too, I also took walks and had lots of time to write.) I’d seen this long ago on some blog and thought, “Now that would really improve our bookshelf.” I’m always searching for ways to simplify things in our home since clutter and mess really drain my energy. I think I was expecting a little more results from the endeavor....more

I've had my bookshelves organized by color for... seven years.

I would not have it any other ...more

Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering For Better Health

I should probably have called this post...Do as I say, not as I do. The clutter in my house has gotten totally out of control, and I really do think it affects the way I feel. But I also believe that cleaning out the clutter in our homes (and our lives) is helpful to our overall well being. So I plan on doing some serious spring cleaning and de-cluttering very soon. ...more

"Cleaning out old emotional energy will improve your emotional health!
All that ...more

Losing It- Day 1 March 22, 2009

Today is the first day of the next 365, during which I will lose one thing each day, and I invite you to join me.  In fact, I challenge you to join me, and lose one thing a day yourself.  If, like me, you have spent the better part of your life accumulating things-- via department stores, boutiques, flea markets, trips, web sites, inheritances, gifts, splurges, mileage, marriage, self-reward, self-pity,  or other means, and if, like me, you have reached a point in life where all this stuff is encroaching on your life-- I invite you to join me in the process of losing it, one ...more