Whether you’re a signer, a lipreader, a hearing aid wearer or a cochlear implant user (or maybe a bit of each of those), there are some things that truly only happen to a deaf person. Things that simply don’t happen to everyone else. How many have happened to you?   ...more
I love the part about the train - so much easier to communicate through glass by sign than by voice!more

Deaf President Now ~ 25 Years Later

How Has DPN Affected Our Lives? ...more
@KymBozarth I hope that many more will learn of this.   :)more


ASL is a beautiful language.I love it and enjoy being with Deaf friends  and using the language for chat, catching up on gossip, joking and having deep conversation that I cannot have with hearing people.  There is a constant conversation flow, many topics, laughter, all without voice.Perfect. There is something you should know about ASL....more That is a good question.  When two people sign it is more than just moving ...more

School's Attempt to Change Child's Name Shows Ignorance of Deaf Culture

When a school starts trying to stop a toddler from signing his own name, the political correctness has officially gone too far. The American education world is abuzz today with the news that an adorable Nebraska preschooler named Hunter Spanjer has gotten into trouble for waving his hands around like he's holding a weapon. And the district wants his parents to change his name....more
 @MarfMom We clearly saw different coverage of the story.  The interview I saw was with a ...more

Choosing to Parent a Child With Special Needs

My son Leo is at his first-ever week-long camp for kids with special needs. He is thrilled to be there, and shrugged off my flurry of worried-mom departing hugs and kisses in favor of bouncing on his bed and holding hands with his aide: a young man who volunteered to spend his summer being a cheerleader, best friend, and 24/7 caregiver for kids who couldn't attend camp without 1:1 aides like him.  ...more

They really are amazing people. Thanks for your kind wishes; Leo's camp week was amazing for ...more