Am I Buying Too Many Lipsticks???

Many of you know me as a humorist but I am also an innately serious and introspective person. Let me begin quickly by saying that this piece is not really about your lipsticks. So, if you are looking for a peek into my makeup case or the overcrowded bathroom drawer, you are bound to be either very excited or very disappointed. Lipstick, or more specifically my penchant for buying stuff seemed like a good place to begin—my delicate entrée into the world of emotions and feelings....more

The Following Days

After Jason leaves, I immediately get ready for bed. In a fog like crying daze, I take a shower, brush my teeth and change into shorts and a t-shirt. As I lay in bed, my thoughts are anything but still. They are rapid, multi-directional, and never ending.What am I going to do? How will this affect my business? I’ve worked so hard on starting and growing it. Now what’s going to happen? I can’t believe Jason said that. Why did he react that way? ...more

What A Trout Can Teach Us About Emotion: Part Two of Two

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