Stop comparing yourself to other moms!

Stop comparing! It’s nasty business.It’s too easy to see another mom excelling in an aspect of parenting and then start to get anxious that we’re not doing it right or well enough. We notice and get concerned about this perceived “gap” and totally forget about our accomplishments....more

From Observer to Participator in Life

 For a great part of my life I was an observer, not a participator. There were things I was trying to figure out and learn about… things like… life, feelings, interactions, humor, people, relationships, emotions, and love. I was a student and the world around me was the teacher. There were things that I was not taught at home and at school… things that I had to figure out on my own....more

On Body Image

So, I skipped a day. I thought it would be easier to tell you what I was listening to on my iPod versus telling how how I feel about my body. And after reading what my last meal would be, well, who wants to talk about body image after all that?...more

Are You Feeling Me? (Cross Post)

The other day I talked about the process I use when dealing with my own abandonment issues. The process goes something like this:...more
I'm all into Twelve Step recovery and have been for years. It's so helpful. I like you system ...more

Cross Post: From Feelings to Fear to Freedom

One of the consequences of experiencing any kind of abandonment is fear. Fear of trying again, fear of starting over, fear of being left behind, or fear of being abandoned all over again....more
"It's ok to feel feelings"... that's a tough one for me because some feelings (the same ones you ...more

It’s greater than feelings

“It’s 5pm! YES!” Another day of work ended and I was elated. It was a long and packed day but the good Lord brought me through it. I began packing up and realized that I had class tonight. Even worse, it’s my Theological Survey class which is a bit challenging. “But I’m soo tired. I can barely keep my eyes open.” I said to myself. “Can’t I just skip tonight? I’ll make it up.” ...more

Stay out of Overwhelm: Learn to Press "Pause"

One of the most powerful things we can do to maximize our effectiveness, minimize our overwhelm, and be more successful is to know when it is to our benefit to actually do less.  We truly can't do it all and we will virtually never get it perfect.  ...more