How an Argument with My Mother-in-Law Was a Good Thing

I had an argument with my mother-in-law and it was awkward and terrible but then I realized it might actually lead to something good. What we did—exchange words and feelings and got upset—is something that I have never done with my own mother. Of course I had arguments with my mother but she was born in Thailand and since English is her second language and I only speak broken Thai our arguments never felt complete for either of us. I could never communicate to her exactly what was making me so upset and have her understand....more

Let My Husband Go

You went out to dinner for the first time leaving him with the sitter – you let him go.He went “all by myself” while you were in the kitchen – you let him go.He went to daycare, you went to work – you let him go.He went to summer camp, you went home – you let him go.He went on his first date, you stayed home – you let him go.He drove for the first time, you watched from the driveway – you let him go.He went to college, hours away – you let him go.He got his first apartment, moved out – you let him go.You helped him grow into a man....more

Top 10 Things A Mother-In-Law Should Not Say or Do To Her Daughter-In-Law

Mother-in-law for some, Monster-In-Law for many.Here are my 10 things a MIL should not say and do to her DIL! 1. You don't ask her to go and see a doctor to find out if she is able to bare children in just 3 months of marriage and later when she's actually pregnant you ask her if she's sure of it. 2.  You don't scream at her and ask her "Your husband has a property but what does my girls have?" Since when is your DIL responsible for what your girls don't have especially when you are alive? ...more

Meddling Mother-In-Law Learns An Expensive Lesson

Dear Tazi: My husband and I are of the belief that a healthy diet composed of fresh, local foods and limited preservatives is the key to a healthy lifestyle. We buy locally grown, in-season fruits and vegetables; organic meats and dairy products; and limit the amounts of what we buy to what we can eat within a few days. We don’t mind going to the grocery and the farmer’s markets three times a week; in fact, we enjoy it. My problem is that I cannot convince my mother-in-law of this. ...more

Dear Mother-in-Law: My Spaghetti Is Better Than Yours

We just had our three day vacation at my in-laws. It was a memorable, fun experience, but I wasn’t able to rest there that much simply because I was in my in-laws house. I was just a bit restless because of thinking too much on how I want to do things perfectly -- especially when I’m with my mother-in-law. I still have this feeling that I still need to prove myself and impress her, and because of trying too much to impress her, I tend to do things that are not so impressing at all....more mil is june cleaver. almost literally...she's very old fashioned in the way of having ...more