Overeating to Numb the Past

Everyone has a story from their childhood which stains their persona, causing permanent damage in the pattern of grief or pain. We are human. That’s a perk of having a highly functioning brain and opposable thumbs.But how we handle those situations from our past is what forms our coping mechanisms. Let’s face it, some adults handle stress better than others. The remainder of us have stressors which trigger unhealthy behaviors....more

Germs, The Constant Nanny Battle

This is a gross post - just a warning in advance!If you know me at all, you know I’m a teensy bit of a germophobe. (Hey, friends! Stop laughing at me!) I’ve been known to exclaim, “Oh, God! Get away from me if you’re sick! I mean it, do NOT touch me until you’ve washed your hands. Maybe you should sit over there. In the corner farthest away from me,” and “Are you going to throw up? If you’re going to throw up, you get away from me. I don’t want to even see you in my line of vision.”...more