Keeping balance when emotional headwinds hit

The pressures of our personal and professional lives are constantly in conflict and competition with our struggle to find reasonable balance, oftentimes forcing even the strongest among us to lose footing. Despite our best efforts, feeling unhinged, helpless and alone can somehow find a way to flood back into our day-to-day lives. Earlier this week, I gave into such emotions. After driving my sister, brother-in-law and two darling nephews to the airport following a visit for Eid holiday came such a moment....more

Frustration with Customers

Why do you get so frustrated with your customers or clients that you have to exercise major self-control not to say something bitingly sarcastic to them?...more

Don't complicate your happy.

This week is turning out to be a real crap fest. Epically crappy. This is the kind of week that makes us want to crawl into whatever space it is that we retreat to and go into what I call turtle mode. “No one here! Just this hard shell! Gave at the office! Thanks! No hablo!” ...more

Your impact zone

For the first time in a very long time, I wished I could just stop taking care of my body. I've been so busy at work, rushing from my bed to my desk and then back to my bed again, that my workouts have become a burden. Let's face it: working out is always difficult, but lately I've practically had to force myself to go to the gym, and then just couldn't come up with the goods while I was there. In many sports, there is a point known as the "impact zone". This is the kick of the martial artist, the swing of the golfer, the surfer's wave. It is the point in action where all of your training, skill, and discipline come together and sort of take over. You can't think your way through the impact zone. Your performance is intuitive, automatic. It is the point at which you must let go and trust yourself. ...more

Hi, Claudia - nice to meet you!

Well, I finally gave in and took a vacation! I think we ...more