Facing Jason

My eyes find a small pile of Jason’s things I forgot when I gather his belongings together, which have now have found their way to the corner of my living room. What should I do with them? I guess I should return them. It’s time…time to get them off my floor, time to give them back to him, and yes, time to face him yet again.I feel my heart beat faster and my nerves tense as I drive to where he is staying. I don’t know why I seem nervous, maybe it’s because I have no idea what he will say or do. I can’t stop thinking about all that’s happened in the past few weeks....more

Watching Your Words With Ex

Why is it anything you tell your child ends up coming out of your ex's mouth all wrong? How does your ex manage to twist your words no matter how carefully you say things? Your child comes back from his usual "Dad" weekend, all moody and out of sorts. You ask "What's wrong?" He mumbles the usual "Nothing'" but eventually comes out with "Dad says you don't have time for me." "And why does he say that?" you ask, shocked. "Cause you said you wouldn't be calling over the weekend" he replies. You could scream....more

Bump Into Your Ex? Yikes!

What is it about bumping into your ex that turns you into a bumbling fool? How can someone you no longer love cause you such emotional havoc? I'm out shopping with a girlfriend, and we're wandering around the mall, having a great time, when suddenly she grabs my arm, shoves me in front of her and says, "Don't move. Hide me. He's coming right at us." "Who?" I ask, immediately panicked. I look around. I'm expecting a gun-toting madman, but all I see is this somewhat distracted fellow trying to balance his packages....more