Processing Loss on the Internet

Sitting shiva is a Jewish mourning ritual; seven days where the family is surrounded by friends and community who bring them food and share memories about the person lost. The purpose is to comfort the mourner--and what better way of stating your desire to comfort them than by taking time out of a busy schedule to show up and be present. ...more

I think starting Exhale was a way for me ...more

What I Didn't Know About My Facebook Friend

Everyday Shakespeare   I met R. in Israel during the summer of 1998. I was doing research for my dissertation; she was studying Hebrew just for fun. From there, she planned to go to Bali. ...more

Twelve Years Later: How Widowhood Really Feels

by Michele BuchananI remember everything, or at least the things that matter. I remember every pore of his skin, the encysted bump he had on the back of his head, the way he looked like a droll rabbi when he steepled his fingers. I remember the smell of his skin. I remember the lopsided grin he’d get, so wolfish and calculating and triumphant, when he’d won an argument....more

Perception of Death and Its Meaning in Tarot

“Death” Card in Tarot Does Not Always Equal “Death” ...more

My First Year in Blogging

Everyone's doing the recap of their year in blog posts, and since this is my first year of blogging, I will contribute as well. BlogHer doesn't want me to fix my HTML  so I can link dump, so please go to my personal blog to read the full story and get the full HD experience.Four deaths in four months, major heart surgery, tattoos, trips and a whole lotta love and "Drs don't know what's wrong with me" sick. -[.Blood.and.Honey.]- *[See the original post or more of the story at: ]*...more

Early Yule and Funerals

Val is leaving town for Saskatoon on Tuesday and because we won't see her on Monday due to work schedules we opened up our gifts to and from each other today. Danny already knew he got a punching bag; so that's from me. ...more

I am an adoptive mother - why?

I have always wanted to dig deep within to understand why I wanted to be an adoptive mother rather than a biological one. It was an instinct so overpowering that at the time I never thought to wonder why. It is an instinct that had been with me since I was in my early teens. I never could think of myself as a biological mother. I have a vague idea that maybe my early years took away any attachment to and dependence on the idea of sanctity and safety in the ties of a genetically linked family....more

How do you give yourself to science?

A recent query on HARO was asking for sources who were considering donating their bodies to science. My husband and I have always been organ donors, and we both want to give all or most of our body parts to science. Reuse, recycle, nothing new, right? But have you ever thought about how you go about actually arranging it?...more

Insurance Settlements, the Next Wall Street Collapse, or a Good Deal for You?

Remember reverse mortgages? Next up,  reverse life insurance, or life settlements. Life settlements refers to the sale of a life insurance policy by its owner to an investor who will collect the death benefit. From the same group that took reasonable mortgages, and packaged them as investment vehicles, we now have insurance settlements, and the same “packaging” that brought down Wall Street, may strike again. Check out this video from a recent Good Morning America....more