Don't move. I'll be right back.

A tragedy happened last night. I'm sure that the twitter and Facebook users in my neck of the woods have been all over it, but since I don't do either, I'll have to blog about it.A child was knocked down by a moving vehicle when he ran into the road. He initially suffered a broken arm, but later succumbed to his injuries, so his family is now in mourning.His mother said that she went to the corner shop and told the child not to move. The yard where she lives is unfenced and is on a main road. The child was two years old....more

Her Light Could Not be Contained

photo credit: Joana Roja - work and migraines - coming back.. via photopin cc...more

Feeling Weak

I don't feel strong. I feel so small in this huge world, like me and my life and my hopes and my fears mean nothing to anybody. I can see life passing by and I just feel stuck. I don't know how to move forward anymore. I don't know how I'm supposed to be able to have a life where my son isn't....more

Please Don't Compare Your Grief to Mine

 Did you ever realise this? I never did until Finley died. I think it must be because losing a child is just too horrible to comprehend. Too disturbing to have a single word describe it. ...more

The Sounds of Heartbreak

The soft rustle of suit coats and fancy dresses as family and friends reach out to each other for comfort and strength.The laughter as memories and stories are shared and a life is celebrated.Soft sobs as people sit in quiet reflection.A mother's cry as the casket is closed.The revving of engines as the Patriot Guard prepares to ride.The tick of flashers in the funeral procession.The snap of flags lovingly placed on veterans' graves....more

From A Mother's Heart

The following was posted by Danny's mother on the Prayers for Danny Facebook page.  It is my privilege to share her message with you....more

A New Angel

There is no greater pain in this world, I believe, than the pain of a parent who has lost a child.  It happened to one of my dearest friends this week and I cannot imagine her pain.  I don't have the words to comfort her. ...more

Visiting Cemeteries

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a cemetery.  It's a military cemetery, I believe, small and intimate and ancient-feeling.  I have gone there before, because I find cemeteries peaceful, and because they help me to think more clearly about life and God and death.  But this time I went looking for something different....more

In the Storm: Baby Loss and Pregnancy Afterward

As I write, a storm rages outside.  Tumultuous clouds, scathing wind, thunder and falling branches, power lost, sideways rain -- I love it.  I love a good storm.But personal storms?  Storms in which clouds blacken my heart instead of the sky?  I'm not such a fan of those....more

Discussing the Death of a Child with Children

Discussing the Death of a Child with Children...more