Chocolate Blueberry Dahlia Cake

I think we all have our own visions of what we consider to be the ultimate death by chocolate experience, and well, this is mine. I love chocolate in all forms, most especially dark chocolate. It's rich, smooth and just amazingly good. Even better it's high in antioxidants, which is how I justify in my mind eating it daily!...more
this looks beautiful!!! I love the combination of chocolate and orange!more

Snakes on a beauty queen and more interesting health stories

Did you hear Mrs Tennessee was bit by a rattlesnake? (There are snake pictures - don't click if you don't like snakes!) Contrary to the news reports, Mrs Idaho did not pull the fangs out or suck out venom. It would have been cool if she had, though. It appears as though it was Mrs Iowa who offered nursely assistance. I guess it can be hard to tell one beauty queen from another? I just want to clarify that none of the news reporters have checked their facts very well. I am not an RN, I did not pull a snake fang from Mrs. Tennessee's foot and I did not suck the venom out. Yes, I was there and yes I did take lots of pictures (what can you expect from a scrapbooker) but that is it. I have posted pictures of the snake on my blog, but the pictures of Christina are not going to be posted by me. I took them for her and she will decide what to do with them. Just goes to show you that what you see and hear from the media is often very wrong. ...more

I'm so excited! I got featured in a post. :-)

Thanks, Denise. I like these stories you've ...more