Eighteen Years and Counting

Dear Mom,Today marks a pivotal moment in our relationship. Eighteen years ago, my life changed forever when I held your hand for the very last time. At just 18, I had no idea what would come next. Up until that moment, I had been busy planning my senior prom, anticipating high school graduation, fighting with my loser boyfriend and dreaming about my first day of college—all with your help....more

Personal Blog Challenge #2 - Mummy

This challenge is killing me...basically whatever I don't want to write about, that's what gets pulled from the bag. Sigh. The prompts I put it in the bag speak to things hidden deep down, so I have to hash it out with myself!*deep breath* I press on....more

Finding Gratitude Out of Sorrow and Loss

It’s been about 10 months since my mother lost her battle with cancer.  I still remember the day in August 2011 when we found out she had cancer like it was yesterday. Mom had been having issues and was at the doctor’s. She called me in tears because a routine test was, well, moving on to more tests. It scared her and suddenly our first week of homeschool just didn’t seem important at all....more

The Last Meal I Made for my Mother

I wish Heaven had a phone

 Lugene Ann Colby 01/01/1956-04/25/1993My mama, my best friend, a woman FULL of spunk, love, endless dreams and laughs....more