Credit Card vs. Debit Card Fraud

One difference between a credit card and a debit card is that if there’s an unauthorized charge on your credit card, you just get a little sting. It’s a hassle to straighten out. But no money is taken from you....more

Post Holiday Online Shopping Security

When it comes to online security, don’t let your guard down just because the holiday shopping frenzy has passed. In fact, this may be the very time to put your guard up even higher.Though it’s smart to have your radar on for the scammers during the holidays, the scammers don’t exactly go slithering back under their slimy rocks once the New Year is here. So here’s how to be safe online during, and after, the holiday season....more

Stolen Business Debit Cards at Greater Risk

A debit card from your business, in the virtual hands of a thief, spells a mountain of trouble. The thief can generate a duplicate of your business debit card, then splurge. A “cloned” card can be swiped in a card reader, appearing legitimate....more

Does Your Spouse Question Your Debit Card Charges?

Hun, what’s this charge on the debit card for $35.66? Oh, um, not sure, where from? ABC United something or other. Oh, I made a donation to a charity. Okay, what about this charge for $2.99 – Fruit what the fuck is Fruit Ninja? Oh, um, I bought an iPhone game for the boys? Really? Yea, they like to play it. $2.99 at Dunkin Donuts?  $6.78 at 7-11?  $3.50 at Starbucks?  Why the hell did we buy a Keruig? Do you really drink that much fricking coffee? Ummm… yes? ...more
I don't get that at all. My hubby and I have a rule that anything under $25 we can spend no ...more

Are You Worried About New Debit Card Fees?

I'm like a lot of Americans, I think. I whip out my debit card here and there when I feel I can get away with it, which is a good chunk of my time. Part of me thinks it’s a bottomless well of money I can always reach into. Well, my bank account, that is. Yeah, it’s not a healthy line of thinking, I know....more
If I'm already paying a bank fee for account services then what right do they have to charge for ...more

GrammieMommy Advise: Phishing and Credit Card Safety (Real World)

Another new feature in my blog will be Real World Advise to make life much easier.  I've said many times on my little site that I shoulda listened to my momma, and sometimes even go with my gut feelings.  Life in this day and age makes things so convenient, yet so unsafe.  Remember that phishing incident with my credit card?  Well it turns out the grand total amount s.t.o.l.e.n. from our bank account was $1,908.00 over a period of two weeks. ...more

Big Time Identity Theft Hackers Indicted

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert ...more

Identity Theft Attempt at Defcon

Identity Theft Expert Robert Siciliano ...more

ATM Fraud Increases Identity Theft Risk

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert ...more