Three Birds to Change a Paradigm, Or, How to Talk To Your Partner About Debt and Money Issues

So you’ve admitted that they two of you have a problem.  You’ve got high-level debt or even low-ticket-but-annoying debt balances that are ruining your ability to relax, to have a good time, to enjoy each other.  There may have been hardships in your partnership, like a job loss or an upside-down home loan that you’re crawling out from under. ...more

Giving Up the Couples' Roller Coaster Ride of Money Vagueness

So you say you can’t keep track of your money because you’re a couple? “He always…” and “She never…” and all of those excuses that get you nowhere? And if you’re both spiraling in debt, any conversation about your joint money troubles usually turns into a hellish blaming-and–shaming session—in other words, a fight....more