How to Find the Right Credit Counselor?

Debt can be very agonizing. Living beyond one’s means and trying to gratify needs instantly are the main reasons why people fall into debts. The easy availability of credit through credit cards, personal loans and car loans has led many people into debts, albeit unknowingly. Debts are unavoidable. You cannot always wait to save money and spend. Typical examples of expenses that you cannot postpone include study loans, car loans, home mortgage and vacation....more

Do it Yourself Debt Settlement

I  am doing my own debt settlement program and here's how I am doing it.I have a savings account at a bank that lets you write checks from it so I am saving up money to either pay the debts off one by one or settle them with the creditor.This bank lets me do external bank transfers and the money is deposited into my savings immediately.      The first thing I had to do was figure out my income and expenses and do a budget. The follwing sites are the ones I have used to help me. 1.http;//christianpf.com2.

Debt Consolidation & Settlement: Worth It?

Debt consolidators and debt settlement companies will charge you a monthly fee or a one-time fee (or both) to administer your loan and help you work out a deal with creditors. Want to know if they're worth it? ...more