How I Saved $2,277.60 ... Just By Asking!

I can’t remember if I shared this on my blog, but I was recently a member of a really cool Leadership Academy program. During the course of the program, I was able to take full-day classes with professors from my school’s MBA program. One of my favorites was a class on negotiations—the professor was engaging and the information she gave us could be used in our everyday lives. I walked away from that class with the phrase “basically everything is negotiable” floating around in my head....more
Michael is awesome at this.more

5 Tips For Getting Out Of Debt

So you're finally ready to be DEBT FREE and don't know where to begin? Been there...I'm no "expert", but I do know what worked for us. Here are my 5 tips for getting out of debt, tried and tested by yours truly:...more

3 Easy Steps to a Debt Diet

Happy New Year! I hope the holidays were good to you, with lots of family, laughs, and plenty of food. But all that indulgence means only one thing now –- New Year's Resolutions. It's time to shed some weight, and I don't mean from your waistline. Get ready to be a lean, mean, money-saving machine! Paying off our debt was the single most rewarding thing we ever did. From sleepless nights to owning a home, it's a dream that can become a reality with hard work and patience -- if I can do it, you can, too! Let's get into shape this year with a DEBT DIET and lose some unwanted baggage....more
Love it! We did Dave Ramsey's Debt Diet a few years ago. Such great habits to put in ...more

The 3 Best Words in the English Language

For those of you who read the title and expected something like, “I Love You” or “You Complete Me”, I’m sorry to disappoint. It may lack the sappiness, but the phrase which changes my life, the one which causes peace to my inner being is this:  ...more

Materialism & Marketing: And How It's Killing Us

“That feeling of freedom, open highways of possibilities, has kind of been lost to materialism and marketing.” - Sheryl Crow...more
Well said.  I want to add: be mindful of the advertising machine.  I used to say, stay away from ...more

A Debt-Free Love Story: How One Couple’s Promise to Stop Using Credit Cards Rekindled Everything

There was this fight over money between us.  It wasn’t an overt fight—we weren’t screamers and we didn’t like to argue—but it was there, permeating the room all the time like a poisonous gas, sightless and scentless but lethal just the same.  It infected everything.  It was a silent-treatment standoff of a fight over who wasn’t earning enough, which of our money choices was making the relationship unstable, and which of us was to blame for our debt and the reverberating mess....more

Do it Yourself Debt Settlement

I  am doing my own debt settlement program and here's how I am doing it.I have a savings account at a bank that lets you write checks from it so I am saving up money to either pay the debts off one by one or settle them with the creditor.This bank lets me do external bank transfers and the money is deposited into my savings immediately.      The first thing I had to do was figure out my income and expenses and do a budget. The follwing sites are the ones I have used to help me. 1.http;//christianpf.com2.

The B.S. of 'Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow,' Or, How to be Creative without Losing Your Mind or Your Shirt

Just after I turned 40 I did something that would change my life forever.  I ran up a huge amount of credit card debt to fund a music CD, a labor of love that was supposed to save me from ever needing a day job again. ...more

Debt - Get a Healthy Attitude About It

It is thrilling to help your business by taking a healthy look at debt. Often entrepreneurs are afraid of debt. This fear of debt can prevent entrepreneurs from growing their businesses as they should. However, once an entrepreneur has a healthy understanding of debt and its place in business, there is opportunity for growth. It is important to understand that every business has debt....more