Insider Secrets to Debt Collectors! Don't be a victim!

Insider Secrets RevealedFrom the other side of the "This call is an attempt to collect a debt!"                Whether you've got enormous debt and are avoiding the phone ringing, or if you've just received a shocking call about a gas bill you swore you paid ... here's an insider's truth as I was actually a debt collector!...more

Job Loss, Debt, and Lower Salaries: Why We’ve Gotta Do What We’ve Gotta Do

Just recently I read a couple of disturbing articles in the New York Times about debt. Helaine Olen’s January 2nd opinion column suggests that the reason we’re in debt and can’t save is because of unaddressed social policy issues -— things like flat-lined salaries and higher health care costs. ...more
Finally someone with some sense. I have been laid off 2 times on the past 5 years so I know it ...more

An Unintended Gift to Our Children

As a mother of five, nothing is more important to me than my children and their futures. When President Obama campaigned in 2008, he seemed to appreciate what was on the line for the next generation. He did not mince his words speaking about the burgeoning national debt, instead calling it “irresponsible,” “unpatriotic,” “obscene,” and “unacceptable.” He presented himself to the American people as poised to tackle the tough issues that politicians normally avoid. Refreshed by his rhetoric, the American people elected him to the presidency....more

Another Debt Ceiling Crisis?

It looks like we will soon be fighting that debt-ceiling battle again.  The President, and his party, will want Congress to rubber-stamp an increase to the debt limit, while the Republican lawmakers will insist that some meaningful spending cuts be initiated.  When that happens, Democrats, including the President’s election campaign, will accuse the Republicans of trying to shut down the government.  The conflict will then be in full...more

Newly Married and Bah-Roke

The day after our wedding, instead of frolicking together on a white sandy beach, we were sitting at my husband's office desk. For the first time in our three-year relationship, we were examining and discussing each other's finances. $153 positive was what we had together and what we would have for a whole month (we were both also newly unemployed). Yes, we received wedding financial gifts that totalled a little over $2,000, but that was immediately set aside to pay our then credit cards' minimum monthly dues -- which neither of us knew the other had. ...more
wow, I understand alot of couples go through this even after they have a discussion. be ...more

How Necessary Are Credit Cards?

When I was 20 I worked at a large bank in their credit department. All day long I stared at the balances and payments due on the loans, mortgages, and credit cards of the members of this bank. I had the unfortunate honor of sending out collections letter, fielding phone calls from members whose cards had been declined, and making sure their payments posted to their accounts....more
In about 6 weeks, we will make our last revolving credit card debt payment through a credit ...more


Seriously is there any better feeling than having a chunk of money. calling up your credit card companies. paying the balance down to ZERO. taking the credit card out of your wallet and then throwing it on the funeral pyre of debt? Man it feels good. This years tax returns have given us the ability to pay off some of our debt and the second the government put that money into our account we went on a giant paygasim....more

Burnt Offerings

  I don't know why, bu...more

Crock-pot vs. Debt

I am a big fan of my crock-pot this time of year. Last week I made a pot roast with potatoes, apples, and carrots using nutmeg and cinnamon as a rub. It was so easy to throw together and surprisingly delicious. But I can honestly say I never thought to compare a crock-pot to credit card debt....more

Cut Your Debt In Half... In A Year

We were always together. Night after night, day after day— when I dozed off that’s what I think about. When I got my first card, I noticed it was valid for three years. The first year, I spent uncontrollably; I wanted to charge any and everything. The second year I felt the pangs of my freshman-esque spending habits – I fell deeply into debt— $34,017.48 to be exact....more