The Vow & 7 Questions to Stop You From Using Your Credit Cards

I personally found it very difficult to plan my spending when some things I bought wouldn’t be paid for until the following month. Yes, I could figure out how to do this mechanically, from a budgeting perspective, but it didn’t work well for my brain and it certainly didn’t help me emotionally. I was simply more prone to overspending. ...more

I absolutely agree. I have been living by that principle for a while now and it feels soooo much ...more

Young Adults Empowered by Debt? Really?

A new study out of Ohio State University this week suggests that I am not like young adults today in my reaction to debt. The findings ask me to believe that rather than feeling burdened and nervous about sizable debt, people between the ages of 18-27 are actually empowered by owing money for things like credit card bills and student loans. (Yes, I have those, too.)...more

I believe when one starts working early in their lives, they are much much more responsible with ...more

How I Dug Out of the Hole...Twice.

This is a huge post for me. I don't like talking about money but I’m putting myself out there, not just for myself, but for some friends of mine who I feel are struggling right now – and might not even know it. So, if you have started reading, please continue until the end, if not for you, then for me - just to hear my story. ...more

Your Money Personality


Student Loans: The Silent Killer

Being a young single mom I always knew I had to work harder than most to make the best future for myself and my daughter. When she was just 2 months old, and I 16, I started going to school full time. I graduated in 2003 with my Associates degree in General Arts. Quickly after that I enrolled in a private university for my Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering Technology....more

Guest Post: Your Financial Big Picture: Why Estate Planning is an Investment in Your Family's Future

Background Information I recently noticed this post shared by Danielle G. Van Ess on her Facebook page....more

My Path to Financial Peace


How to dump your debt without losing momentum

This is the 8th post in my financial series chronicling our debt free journey.So on to baby step #2 and the real reason that most people are looking for help. DEBT. We think it's normal. It's part of life. Everyone has a car payment. Everyone has student loans. Everyone has a Visa bill. Well, we were tired of being normal. Dave Ramsey has a saying "Normal is broke. Be weird!" I can't remember EXACTLY where we were on our credit card debt when we first began this journey but our debt looked something like this:...more

Debt v. Equity Financing

When entrepreneurs begin to think about either going into business for themselves or taking their business to the next level, the financial and money concerns become the main challenge to address and/or overcome....more

Life is Too Short

Confession: Although I blog a lot about ways to save money, that doesn't mean I use all of them on a regular basis. Even I eat out at least once a week, & much much more if that counts fast food. I also frequently just don't have the patience to go to different groceries stores to get the best price, & I'd be lying if I said I don't buy some brand name items (Oreos!).The tips I post on my blog are, of course, good ways to save....more

Yes! You'll remember travelling much more than you'll ever remember items. more