On relatable food bloggers: using cooking skills to get out of debt

I follow quite a few food bloggers, celebrity chefs, and small restaurant chefs; on Twitter and on their blogs. All I see of them is their outward, public persona, which is certainly part of marketing their personal brand. For most, money is no longer an issue. Most food bloggers have published a cookbook/autobiography. They run ads on their sites with big-name advertisers. Many test products for endorsement purposes....more

It's so easy to get carried away watching Food Network. Five years ago, I remember every ...more

Tax Cut Extension: We Need Civil Problem Solving Beyond Bad Compromises

There are times when I get angry about how we as a country choose to solve serious problems. We call it a compromise. I think it is more like whack-a-mole. We expend a lot of energy in doing something close to nothing more than is necessary to play the next level of the game. The compromise on the unemployment extension and maintenance of the Bush tax cuts does not solve problems. ...more

I will agree with you that speeding money we do not have is foolish.

We can dicker when that ...more

How did I get here? -- Filing for bankruptcy

As anyone who is facing bankruptcy asks:  How did I get here?It's fairly easy for me to see the chain of events that lead to here.It started in college, which credit cards equaled money. I knew better, but I'd never tasted the punishment of it. I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I got out of college, and found all my paychecks going to pay back my debts. I'd gotten myself in deep enough that no one would even give me a consolidation loan to make it easier for me to dig my way out. ...more

The "B" word: B-U-D-G-E-T

So Dave Ramsey lays out these 7 baby steps ($500-1000 in an emergency fund; pay off debt except house; 3-6 months expense in emergency fund; invest15%; college funding; pay off mortgage; build wealth – MORE DETAIL). (We’ve kind of adapted our baby steps/financial plan but that’s a different post.) Well to get to any of those places there’s one thing that needs to be in place and that is a budget. Preferably one that works. Our previous attempts had not....more

Every month is not the same so it makes sense that your budget is not going to the be the same. ...more

Holiday Spending

Do you usually budget a certain amount of money for christmas and stick to it, or do you just shop, go completely overboard and then wind up paying for it for the next few months after christmas?See what other's are saying here.Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer....more

Working the financial "Baby Steps" with a baby on the hip

Part 4 in a series chronicling our journey to becoming debt free...So there we were in 1999 – both of us working, living in Dallas now and expecting our first child. We were making good money but it was going out as fast as it came in. We had no real savings and no real plan. When Noah was born Mark had a job that involved a nearly hour long commute each way and it was during that time that he found Dave Ramsey’s radio show....more

My Greedy Family: Why I Tolerate but Don't Respect My In-Laws.

After my mother in law, who I simply adored, lost her battle with longtime illness, I learned the true nature of in-law conflict. That September, I had already overspent my money into traveling "back home" for my grandmother's funeral. Not a week after I return, my husband's mother dies suddenly from complications of her long time illness. She was just over 50. We sunk another $1,000 of money allocated for expenses to travel back home again for the funeral and arrangements. Arriving in town to plan yet another funeral, I am confronted with a new beast....more

You Should Get a Job - Then You'd Have Money!

Ah yes, the obvious has once again reared it's ugly head.  For those who work x-o'clock AM to y-o'clock PM, Monday to Friday, these words don't mean much to your current situation....more

New Rules for Debt Settlement Companies

(First published on Technorati F.E.S.T. Feature) As of Monday, September 27th, new Federal Trade Commission rules went into effect that will prevent abusive practices by debt settlement companies. These settlement companies can no longer make promises to eliminate your debt. As of June 2009, the Association of Settlement Companies, which is a major settlement industry group, estimated its members managed 154,000 consumer clients with more than $4.9 billion in debt....more

Driving Our Debt Around

As I’ve mentioned, I come from a family who drove cars until they died. In the entire time I grew up I only remember my parents buying 4 cars including the one they had before I was born. One was a 1970 Ford. Then a Pontiac hatchback and two Honda Accords. The Ford lasted about 17 years before my brother totaled it. One Honda met the same fate (different brother) and the other two were driven until it no longer made sense to repair them. The 3 kids never had their own vehicle b...more