Where did my money go?

Holy Excrement, Batman! Where did my paycheck disappear to?! I swear it was in the bank just yesterday and now it’s gone! WTF? ...more

7 Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

When you have outstanding debts, chances are, you’ll find your finances all tied up and you aren’t in any liberty to do with as you wish because you have obligations to the bank or credit card company that you owe money to. In my debt management blog, I write ways and tips to get rid of all kinds of debt including student loan debt, mortgages and credit card debt. I’m sure that you’re looking for ways to fix things and so, here are some tips on debt management that might help you get out of credit card debt. ...more

Donate to my debt relief in exchange for fresh jam of your choice

I am encouraging you all to take a look at both my blog and twitter (http:runstudyeat.wordpress.com) to get an idea of my situation for the past week before commenting negatively on this. I am involved in a dire financial situation due to an evil ex roommate and her boyfriend, and as an out of state student if I lose my apartment I have no where to go. ...more

New Thinking Meets Old Lessons for Financial Success

While innovation is great, the best lessons from this economy are not really all that new. For a generation of us this economic downturn is the most severe we've experienced in our lifetimes. Yet, we don't necessarily need to re-create the wheel to find the financial lessons we seek. ...more

and folks don't see it or want deal with it. When it is suggested that a senior day care program ...more

Economy Worries, Hard Realities

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen I am worried. This is not an unusual state for me, as friends and colleagues will agree. Often, my worries can be assuaged by thoughtful preparation or action. The worries of these days have left me in a state of paralysis. ...more

Get Out of Debt - The Snowflaking Solution

Let’s talk about scrubbing out debt. Yes, I’m using four letter words. Debt. I have it. In fact, I have an entire junk drawer in my house devoted to debt. If I can pay down that debt, not only will I have more financial freedom, I will have an extra drawer! Over the past couple of years, I have done quite a lot of research into debt management. Here is the low down and dirty. ...more

Something Wonderful Is Happening In Michigan

by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger ...more

Let us now set aside childish things by Radical SAHM

The other day, my dad asked me if I was planning on taking the kids to Disney World. I said no and he asked if it was due to financial or philosophical restraints. I mumbled something about it being very low on a very long list of priorities but I wasn’t philosophically opposed to it. This question stuck with me though. Disney is fun and fun is good, right? Not so fast. ...more

Protecting Your Family, One Credit Card at a Time

In the past few months, we've had one credit card raise our interest rate by five percent and another lower our limit by $13,000. We've never missed a payment and never paid less than the minimum amount due on either of these accounts. We're the good guys -- but that doesn't seem to matter right now. What can a family do to protect its credit in times of uncertainty? ...more

I had my credit card company pull the same thing on me. I only owe $2500.00 and have ...more