10 Ways to Bury Yourself in Debt

Reasons Your Credit Score is More Important Than Ever

Most people know that good credit is key to financial health. Few realize that now more than ever strong credit is important. As the economy struggles you’ll need to work harder to prevent a credit score downward spiral. The “Secret Sauce” Formula is Still Secret ...more

Debtor to Mercy

Debt is universally prevalent.  Originating with individual failures in money management, it's a no-brainer to grasp how indebtedness has extended upward to businesses, banks, nations, and the world.  And there seems no end in sight.  Who can 'bail out' the world? God can and has. In matters more grievous than monetary, God is the ultimate Redeemer.  We are and ever will be debtors to His mercy and grace. ...more

All about forgiving

Good Morning to all .In Matthew 18:22 to 35 Jesus tells us about the parable of the king who required settlement of debt from his servants. The one servant owed him a lot of money but could not pay. ...more

Web Watch: Laughing Through Financial Troubles

NBC's Brian Williams has referred to the 2008-2009 financial reckoning as "The Troubles," the term once used across the pond for the seemingly endless wars over Northern Ireland (a struggle that appears ended for now, with countless dead). We like to think of it more as a "Commedia," that Italian term that encompasses both laughter and, well, hell. ...more

Too Much Month Left At The End Of The Money~Case Study II

...it's a week until payday and I'm overdrawn. I can't believe it happened again! I don't know where all my money went. Can you help me? ...more

Bless ya for saying so Denise! Since I've been teaching personal finance classes, ...more

Save Guys and Dolls!

Becoming Debt Free Q and A

Thanks for your questions and comments on personal finance. Keep 'em coming, I LOVE reading them. The following email, struck me as universal and probably the most common question I get asked... I have to ask how were you able to live on the budget.  I try to stick to a budget, but stuff always gets in the way.  I'd love to know how you were so disciplined. ...more

Debt Free Living~Key To A Simple Life (The Series)

It was bound to happen. If I read enough books on money management, we would some day end up, debt free.  Finally we did. ...more
I advise people to take care of the core problem of spending by getting a budget together and ...more

Man on Wire: Movie as Metaphor