The Impossible Dream – a Debt-Free Degree

As the current high school senior class prepares for college next year, they and their parents may be wishing they were citizens of another country – one in which college educations are free to any qualified student. The American university system, however, maintains its “pay-as-you-go” structure, and families everywhere are scrambling to come up with the money – mortgaging their homes, using credit cards, finding grants or that illusive scholarship, taking out loans. All of this means a mountain of debt by the time that Bachelor’s degree is conferred. And that’s just the beginning....more

The Aphrodisiac Quality of a Couples Spending Plan

Yes, you’re reading that headline dead-on.  Having a Spending Plan for the two of you is an absolute, mind-blowing aphrodisiac.  It’s what?  You say.  What on God’s green earth does money have to do with our sensual life?I say, it has everything to do with sex.You’ll think I’m blowing smoke about this, but I’m not.  I’m straight-up about the incredible power of money clarity in our relationships and what it will do for our intimate life.  ...more

Debt Will Kill Your Sex Life

Debt will kill your sex life.  No kidding, no joke, and no screwing around here -— pardon the pun -— it really, really will.  If you’re in an intimate relationship with another human being with whom you have regular or committed contact, debt is going to take a toll, and that toll is going to make you pay exactly where you don’t want to -— in the bedroom. ...more
Completely true and the under lying reason I finished with my ex.  However I will keep this ...more

Stoned, Baked and High: When Debting is Our Drug

Stoned, Baked and High:  When Debting is Our DrugIt took a long time for me to admit that I was in terrible trouble with debt—that debt had become a constant, central part of my adult life and my debt-free days had truly been a figment of my imagination—a non-existent blip on my life’s money screen. Certainly I could rationalize that I had been debt-free a few times in the course of my adulthood—but a car accident payoff or a settlement that paid off my credit cards does not financial stability make and I knew it. ...more

How Necessary Are Credit Cards?

When I was 20 I worked at a large bank in their credit department. All day long I stared at the balances and payments due on the loans, mortgages, and credit cards of the members of this bank. I had the unfortunate honor of sending out collections letter, fielding phone calls from members whose cards had been declined, and making sure their payments posted to their accounts....more
In about 6 weeks, we will make our last revolving credit card debt payment through a credit ...more

Working the financial "Baby Steps" with a baby on the hip

Part 4 in a series chronicling our journey to becoming debt free...So there we were in 1999 – both of us working, living in Dallas now and expecting our first child. We were making good money but it was going out as fast as it came in. We had no real savings and no real plan. When Noah was born Mark had a job that involved a nearly hour long commute each way and it was during that time that he found Dave Ramsey’s radio show....more