Book Review: The Mine by John A. Heldt

Title: The MineAuthor: John A....more

Debut Novel in NYC!

I received the first copy in the mail today!...more

Book Review: Flat Water Tuesday by Ron Irwing

Title: Flat Water TuesdayAuthor: ...more

My Chat (and Giveaway) with Kimberly Brock, Debut Author of THE RIVER WITCH

My guest today is Kimberly Brock, who is a sweet southern author with a sassy yet sizzling novel to discuss. Last week I posted my review of her debut book, THE RIVER WITCH....more

A Requiem: "The Book of Jonas"

When you pick up Stephen Dau's debut novel The Book of Jonas, I urge to set aside a good chunk of time to read it. I don't say that because it's a long book or one that is is difficult to read, but because if you are anything like me, you will not appreciate life interrupting your time with this novel. I found Dau's sparse prose and Jonas's story to be utterly engrossing....more
I look forward to reading it~ I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my copy~more

Oppression by Jessica Therrien (5 stars) "Stunning Debut Novel"

I’m thrilled to be interviewing Jessica Therrien today as part of her Oppression Blog Tour. I met Jessica during the Third Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign and was immediately drawn to her clear love of writing and enthusiasm. Her first novel, Oppression, debuted February 28, 2012 from ZOVA Books.Stay tuned after our interview for my review of Oppression.  ...more

Rules of Civility and Those Women

I have been starting at the blinking cursor for a solid 20 minutes. I have been staring at it because I want to tell you just how much I enjoyed reading Amor Towles' debut novel Rules of Civility but I seem to lack the proper words. I feel fairly certain that lacking words is not something that the women in Rules of Civility did very often. And oh, I love Towles' women. ...more
@sassymonkey I have recommended it to so many people, I'm actually sounding bossy, "YOU MUST ...more

Thinking (..well, typing) Out Loud

Yeah, this is just me thinking out loud. I want to know, which would make a better proverbial sidekick. I have two characters. The main one is generally more mature - being actually older in age and all. But he has this 'crazy' streak which no one but his sidekick knows. No. 2 is a happy-go-lucky kind of dude. But he has also 'stared death in the eyes and kicked it in the 'nads. Twice.' -- and yeah, the quotation marks were correctly placed. ...more

The Help, Thoughts from a Local

The other night at a 4th of July party, a guy found out I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and proceeded to tell me it was a, "hell hole." I got all hot under the collar, just the way Kathryn Stockett talks about in the author's note of her best-seller, The Help, and decided I needed to vent, just one more time....more

Thanks! I got all tingly when I saw I had a comment since it's my first foray into posting on ...more

Interview With Ginnah Howard Recap

Women's Voices For Change  presents the concluding segments of Laura Baudo Sillerman's interview with Ginnah Howard, author of Night Navigation. In part three, Ginnah continues her precis of the sweeping, ambitious trilogy of which Night Navigation will be the central core. ...more