10 Decisions You Don't Have to Justify to Anyone as a Parent

Allow me to get straight to the point on this one. Parenting circles are rough. We can be the biggest bunch of know-it-all, opinionated assholes that ever walked the face of the Earth. And the outsiders {people who aren’t parents} looking in?...more

Everyone Has A Breaking Point And Mine Just Split In Half!

The past two weeks have been nothing short of a struggle; a struggle to get up in the morning and a struggle to get through the day. And when I'm not crying from the pain of an abscess/root canal gone awry; I'm crying from the pain in my heart.The same heart that used to make me smile.If there were a way to go back in time and edit my life, I would do so with a colorful marker. I would fill any dark skies with wishes and dreams and wipe away the residue from temperamental storms with the confidence and perseverance that comes with knowing that you're on the right track....more

More than just an academic choice. #homeschool

The countdown to summer has begun here!! Less than 20 school days, and I have some decisions to make. I need to decide if we are going to continue homeschooling or who is going back to school. When we moved from Tampa to St Pete this past December I did some quick research on the schools we were zoned for, and unfortunately, I did not find too much good....more
There's of course many reasons and ways of homeschooling. But I'd agree that particularly with ...more

The Significance of Decision Making

Here's something writing has taught me about life: scrolling mindlessly through my phone before bed is worse for me than reading a book I enjoy before bed. When I am scrolling mindlessly through my phone before bed, it is easy to convince myself that I am relaxing and it's fine that I am not reading (which I enjoy immensely more)....more

to ICSI or not to ICSI?