15 Outdoor Rugs for Under $150

Today I wanted to share a few sources for inexpensive outdoor rugs that I discovered while completing our Outdoor Makeover Challenge last month (you can see the full reveal here). As I started the hunt for the perfect outdoor rug, I discovered that I was embarking on a journey that was far more difficult than I had expected....more

Outdoor Makeover Challenge: 2 Blogs, 2 Spaces, 1 Month

HELLO SUMMER!!! It feels like a lifetime since you last graced us with your presence, but I’m SO thrilled that you’ve finally decided to show your beautiful face!...more


We had a few bumpy days.When the ice was dominant, we both had slips and falls that we are both feeling.The only way that we’d feel better is staying in a hot show for an hour or two.We keep trodding along, though,talking about our newest angst that the builder has stirred up for us.I will be glad when things are over and we get settled in our new digs.We can only do so much here and it’s time that we actually had a real kitchen again.I am sure the dogs wouldn’t mind running in a year behind a fence to play.Jim and I wouldn’t mind relaxing on our deck. I can hardly wait....more

D is for Drywall

We have made it down to Undisclosed Deux and the house is dry walled.Jim found only two major screw ups: needless to say, we are meeting withthe builder in the morning. It is actually taking shape a little bit, as both the front and rear deckshave been nailed together-no railings yet but nailed together The way we are going, we might be in here by… GROUND HOG DAY….lol ...more

Privacy Please: Our Quick Deck Makeover

One of the best features of our new house is the deck. It's spacious, comes right off the kitchen, and unlike a lot of decks in the area, it actually has stairs to the ground level for the pups. We spent the majority of Saturday basking in the great sunlight it gets which was all it took to convince us to invest in some privacy! ...more

I planted seeds would these things grow?

Blog Directory Lately since we've had great weather it seems like everything's growing extra fast: My hair , my backyard's weeds ...more

Turning Brown Stones Into Pink Stones: The Joys & Magic of Pressure Washing


We'll be buying a pressure washer when we move and I have to saw that I'm really quite looking ...more