Use It or Lose It

Stuff.Grandma used her stuff. Her nice dishes, crappy dishes, heirloom thingies, left over grocery bags, whatever it was, she used it. And if she didn’t have a use for it, she’d say, “Hey, I have something for you.” And then it was your job to use it.I was retold all this over the holidays when my Aunt Maxine told me to pick out some of Grandma’s old dishes. “I don’t need all this and I want to get rid of some clutter.” I guess we know her New Years Resolution.I picked up a pretty, yet oddly shaped dish, and asked, “I wonder what Grandma used this for?”...more

Seeking Simplicity Seekers!

TODAY I DONATED MY WEDDING DRESS…February 21, 2015Edit I donated my wedding dress today....more

De-owning the Toys: Consign, Donate, Trash, or Keep?

DE-OWNING THE TOYS: CONSIGN, DONATE, TRASH, OR KEEP?March 11, 2015Edit I started this task with...more

How 5 Minutes a Day can be Life Changing

HOW 5 MINUTES A DAY CAN BE LIFE CHANGINGMarch 3, 2015Edit Decluttering my house has been a new routine that started...more

Kitchen Clarity

There’s something joyful about a transparent kitchen. I swapped my opaque containers out for clear ones. I love mason jars because of the ability to see what’s in them. I like to know what I’m eating, drinking and storing. I love being able to see it. I also like these jars because they represent something old and sturdy, like a truth rediscovered anew, such as the idea that fat really isn’t terrible to consume (it’s processed food that is making you sluggish, fat, and sick!) and how bone broth is such a health-giving tradition and locally grown food is the best....more

Be Thrifty.

In a major attempt to de-clutter my house and hence my life, I have started to sift through one room a week.  More on this later....With this comes lots of little piles of stuff that I either want to sell or give away. So once a week I drop off the "give away" pile at the local Goodwill on Parkway Drive.This may sound incredibly counterproductive but I just had to scoot into the Goodwill Shop just to see if there were any diamonds in the rough....more

10 Tips for Battling Your Toxic Closet and Bureau

When you think of your “stuff” what is the first sensation you get in your gut? Is it dread or are you feeling good about your belongings?...more

Out With The Old, Ban The New

I was invited to a cleaning party this weekend. No, it's not a party where we all clean someone's house; though I would like to host one of those if I could get anyone to attend....more
 @cookingwithkary When one of the selling point was "the cloths are nice and small, perfect for ...more

Kitchen Clean UP; Ideas????

My advice, if you care, is when buying a home to purchase one with the biggest kitchen you can find.  My next post will be find the biggest laundry room but I digress.  No matter what you think about a kitchen it is never big enough especially once you start having a finish this read and see pictures please visit new2two. Enjoy!...more

But I don't have time to sort through clutter...

“When do I find the time?” “By the time the kids go to bed, I'm exhausted!” “I need to tidy up first before I get organized.” “Where do I start?” I hear ya! One of the last things I want to do after the kids' bedtime is tidy up the toys the kids left on the floor, let alone spend hours decluttering. All I want to do is sit down and watch TV or on some days, just go to bed!   One of the things I do is “use” my TV time....more