Overcome the Post-Holiday Grinchiness

Everyone, it's assumed, liked Christmas a lotBut Steph, who’d felt scroogey, most certainly did not.Oh, she loved all the sharing and wee balls of rumAnd songs about drummers who rum-pa-pum-pum,But she hated the shopping and wrapping and glitterAnd taking the tree down alone made her bitter It could be perhaps that her socks were too pinchy...more
This is seriously wonderful.  Dr. Seuss himself would be proud!more

Sooo...I'm failing.

I wanted to post an update on how my Craigslist purge was going…but at the same time I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t follow through very well.  I decided that the best way to keep myself on-track was to be honest.  Sooo, I’m failing.  Yeah.  Big time.  I listed my first item for sale the day after the announcement of my purge (okay fine, it was a couple three days later, but that’s not the point!).  After a week, and several low-ball offers, I sold my dog crate for full asking price, $50....more

Basement Clutter Reveal

Usually a "reveal" consists of after photos from a project, but it feels appropriate to use that word here. Our basement has been hidden long enough - we are ready to reveal the basement clutter in all it's "before" glory....more

How 5 Minutes a Day Can be Life Changing!

Decluttering my house has been a new routine that started with committing to wake up 5 minutes earlier every morning three years ago. This habit and routine enabled me to add other life giving habits. Habit begets habit. This post will share how 5 minutes a day can be life changing. ...more

Clearing out clutter...and moving on.

When I divorced last year, I was the one that moved out of the family home.  When I moved into my new place, I only took the bare essentials and things that I truly loved (which sadly, wasn’t much).  There are many benefits to having a home without clutter, and something I’ll talk about in a future post, but the biggest is probably the fact that I can completely clean my house from one end to the other in about 30 minutes....more

Decluttering Negative Self Talk

I recently signed up for a 10 mile run in my city. For some, this would not be a big deal - 10 miles might be an easy weekend run for them. That would not be me. Back in the years of high school gym when they had us run one mile, I was the student struggling to complete it - lungs burning and finishing last. It’s not that I wasn’t active....more

Editing Clothes with the Konmari Method, Part 2

 Okay, so now that we know the basics of the KonMari Method from Part 1, I’m excited to share with you how the actual editing process went for us. My husband and I edited our clothing using the KonMari Method which asks you to touch each item and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”....more

Editing Clothes with the Konmari Method, Part 1

I have finally finished The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo *. I utilized her method for our clothing edit as I switched out our clothes from Winter/Fall to Spring/Summer. I did my clothes by myself and then my husband and I did his clothes together. I’m happy to report that my husband said it was “fun” to edit his clothes together with the KonMari Method! ...more

GOOD CLUTTER........When Clutter Can Be A Good Thing....

GOOD CLUTTER…. When Clutter Can Be A Good Thing….. I am a very organized person. I like everything in its place……I like things neat and tidy and I do not as a whole like Clutter……I try to clear out unnecessary clutter  as much as possible….and yet I also realize the value of Clutter….There are times that Clutter can be a good thing….. Clutter in itself most often holds us back....more

Can a Homeschooler Live a Minimalist Lifestyle?

I’ve posted several times over the past few months about decluttering. I’m not talking about just cleaning out a closet. I’m talking about 30+ moving boxes of junk that I’ve moved around the country with me — some of them for 26 years. I have two boxes left that I didn’t get to before I moved again this week. My ex-husband found four small boxes (mostly books, of course) and one large box (only part of the contents were mine) that I left when I moved out. Because I couldn’t find all my stuff because we had too much crap stored in the basement....more