A picture of urine-soaked paper disguised as a request for opinions on old guide books

We've been married a little over fifteen years and during that time we've lived in twelve different homes. That's disregarding any stint too brief to make it on to a utilities statement....more

7 Moving Tips to Make Packing and Unpacking Easier

Whether this is your first move, or you’re a frequent traveler, you can make your move much easier with a plan. Follow these easy steps for the smoothest possible transition....more

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

1.  PlanBefore tackling each area get yourself 4 boxes.  Label one 'Keep', one 'Donate', one 'Sell' and one 'Throw'.  Every item you sort out must be allocated to one box and don't second guess yourself once you have made a decision.  2. Break tasks down in to small chunks...more