5-Minute Organizing: Manage Messy Wires With Washi Tape

We have just finished a week of cleaning and purging here at Sprout's House, and already the house feels lighter and brighter. The sitting room was one of the last rooms I tackled, and I nearly lost the will when I noticed this... Eek....double eek in fact! It was a tangle of wires along with layer upon layer of dust! ...more

Tiny, Tiny Bath with SK

Tiny, Tiny Bath with SK I have fun with tight spaces, especially baths. I have been known to go a little crazy with fun, bright colors and patterns.This little added on bath was a very tight fit. It barely had room for a sink and a toilet with absolutely no storage.  This had to be fixed, and right now....more

Jute Bench with Nailheads

what I do at 6 am…People think I’m not a morning person because I’m always running about five minutes late.  Truth is my most creative time of day is early in the morning.  Things just hit me while I’m sipping my coffee....more

Turn Your Instagram Prints into a Heart-Shaped Collage

I've long been wanting to make a collage with some of my Instagram prints. Besides having some empty photo frames around the house (I know, as a photographer, that's bad!) and having many blank walls in this rental house to fill, I have so many DIY ideas floating around my head and in pages of my to-do list notebooks. After playing around with a few ideas and digging this frame we used in Brayden's old nursery out of the garage, I set my own heart on a heart-shaped collage of prints. I still love it every time I see it. It was pretty simple to put together once I got going. Here's the full rundown... ...more

Get the Look for Less: Crate-and-Barrel-Inspired Coral Floral Pillow

I crave colors when spring starts, which is why I love the Julian Orange Pillow from Crate and Barrel: A punch of orange and hot pink, it's perfect for a girl wanting to add a splash of color. Here's my take on an easy, homemade pillow inspired by this look! ...more

DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Table

Being the deal-hunter that I am, I watched our local marketplace pages for months trying to find a table that looked like the $600 beauty I'd been eyeing on Pottery Barn. ...more
Wanda, that's for sure my favorite part of the project.  I love that something my sister and I ...more

Updating a beloved home...

I recently had the pleasure of helping a client update their home. It was so much fun honoring the beauty of the details in this home and choosing updates that would make it fresh and bright for continued love and memories in today's environment....more